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Leo Love Compatibility Horoscope


Both these signs are always in the search of assurance at the emotional level. Taurus (the bull) needs to be constantly appreciated and Leo (the Lion) needs to be admired by their better half. This mutual need can lead to frustration.

The Bull demands obedience and devotion which the Lion is too self-centered to provide. Similarly the Bull is stubborn and will not worship the vain Leo which they demand. Hence it is a little difficult for them to live in harmony.


How would the relationship be?

The Lion has all the qualities of a king, it’s innate in him, and so he wants to rule his subjects. In real life, his wife is his subject and he rules her- but not if it’s a Taurean female. She won’t permit anyone to rule or dominate her, even though she is committed and loyal to her partner.

The main loopholes

The Lion does everything on a large scale as he is energetic, the Taurean woman on the other hand lacks enthusiasm (according to the Leo!) and this is his most common complaint against his partner. The Taurean woman on the other hand feels he is too excited at times.

What can be done?

The Bull is short tempered but warm and affectionate. The Lion is proud and vain but positive and confident. Both these signs may have their emotional tug off wars, but they need to be reminded of the comfort they provide to each other which makes the relationship worth it. They will stand by each other in happiness and sorrow and never fail the test of time.


How would the relationship be?

Most Bulls are practical – they save money for a rain day and don’t believe in splurging unnecessarily whereas the Lions believe in pomp and show. They love to do everything on a large scale- which calls for spending money. A Leo woman wants a mate who can afford her way of living in luxury- something the sensible Bull doesn’t believe in.

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The Bull would prefer to save first, build a house and then move on to luxury. He will not do it while he’s still in the process of laying the foundation for his dreams. Once they are accomplished, he will shower his better half with all the luxuries she so desires.

What will be the main loopholes?

Adjustment is most important in this relationship. Lions have an ego too big to please- and the Bulls often get tired of trying. He may eventually give up and stop putting an effort altogether. On the other hand the Leo woman may get tired of wishing that he tries more. The Lions crave affection and admiration, she wants him to please her all the time- which he cannot always do.

What can be done?

His obstinate nature and her pride make matters worse and there is lack of communication eventually. They need to understand each other at a deeper level. They need to understand each others’ gestures rather than just the words- as there may be few. They both need each other and it won’t be as difficult only if they would understand that!


Leo, the lion or the shy pussy cat, undoubtedly is more furious and aggressive, in the company of whom; the Aries turns out to be a tender lamb. Many great astrologers and scientists have given a fair amount of time & thought to this specific event of, what happens, when the lamb meets the lion.  As is specified in bible, either there will be a vast destruction or will either lead to 1000 years of peace and silence. The peace would be in terms of the fact, that the lion will eat the lamb, hence leaving the rest of the world in the state of awe & thus the Gotterdammerung in terms of the fact when both the aggressive lion & the lamb meet, there would a blast because of the meet of the two energies.

Aries Man & Leo Woman

The attitude of a winner appeals to an Aries person closely, on the other hand, the Lioness or the sweet pussy cat, can be really aggressive like fire at times. Lioness or the Leo woman will feel more comfortable, if the furious Ram comes out of his shell of the attitude of winning always and keep aside his entire ego. The woman being the Leo or the aggressive lioness, need to moderated or stimulate her aggressive bent of nature, much in harmony with the Ram.

Aries Woman & Leo Man:  

The Aries wife or the partner will certainly be more leading and dominating than the calm and neutral crab. The Aries wife would always win OR if not, then would stay always in the league of being ahead and will be a natural winner. She would be well expected to keep her winner’s attitude, much in harmony with the Leo husband.

How this Relationship would be?

When the Ram (Aries) & Leo (Lion or Shy Pussy Cat) meets, it’s more of like the clash of the two most dynamic & aggressive people.

What will be the loopholes ?

The dominating Aries man can sometimes turn out to be a bit trouble for certain crabby women. The dominating wife can be a trouble for certain crabs. The thin line difference between the aggression and the ego can be very well be understood, when it comes to the relationship between Aries & Ram.

What to do to make things sail smoothly? 

Without giving any fairy tales here, it would be the right thing to say about the two, it is the ego of the Aries (Ram) which should bend in front of the majesty of the Leo. Only and only then there lies certain scope of the harmony between the two.

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