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Leo Health Horoscope

Leo natives may face problems related to spinal cord and will suffer due to back pain. Natives are advised to take extra care of their sitting, walking and sleeping postures. Not doing so will result in serious back problems later.

You may face problems related to heart and eyes. Do not take stress or you may suffer heart related pains. Avoid arguments and debates. Start doing meditation and yoga on a regular basis to stay calm and peaceful.

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The native may suffer cardiac blood clots which can lead to heart attack.

You may catch fever and cough frequently. Your immune system is strong but your habit to take tensions will leave you in stress.

Children natives avoid eating junk food. They may catch several eye problems and jaundice too.


You should keep away from drugs, boozes, all sorts of excitements. Your RBC and WBC levels should remain in the desired boundary so take such foods which will maintain the equilibrium. Avoid over spicy foods and be careful in the small ailments also.

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