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Pisces Taurus Love Compatibility

Pisceans seeks knowledge, and the Taureans provide guidance to them as they are practical.

When it comes to money, Pisceans will worry about it only when there is need, they don’t believe in saving it. Taureans however like to save for a rainy day, and are generally more concerned about their finances.

They also differ when it comes to facing a situation or question. Pisceans will try to escape whereas Taureans will boldly face them.

So, they have several differences and need to adjust with each other.


How would the relationship be?

Taureans and Pisceans, both, love peace and quiet. They are more towards the pessimist side, and often find themselves in some or the other trouble. This trouble may be their own, but mostly it is someone else’s doing. They just get mixed up because they are such good listeners and try to solve other people’s problems.

The last thing a Taurean woman will do is dominate her man, this is extremely satisfying for the Piscean man as he is not one to deal with aggressive females. He is gentle and demands a woman who is the same.

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What would the main loopholes be?

There are two kinds of Pisceans- those who depend on others, and those who do not. If a Taurean woman falls in love with the kind who is dependant, she will support him both emotionally and financially. However she will lose her temper once he starts depending too much.

Contrarily, if she falls in love with the kind who is independent, she will not be able to comprehend how he is. Her stubbornness will cloud her judgement and there will be disagreements between them.

What can be done?

The Piscean man needs to be loyal, honest and supportive towards his better half. And the Taurean woman needs to understand that her man needs his own time too- to contemplate on certain things important to him, which she might not understand.


How would the relationship be?

The Taurus man can be a little authoritative. But the Piscean woman is not one to bear it silently. She may take it for some time, but then put her foot down.

The good thing about her is that she is bright and sensitive, these qualities complement the Taurus man.

What would the main loopholes be?

The Piscean woman is elusive and secretive. She may also procrastinate a lot. All of this is completely opposite to the disciplined Taurus and this may lead to conflict.

The Taurus man’s belief in male dominance is another reason of disagreement between the two.

What can be done?

The Taurus should not always be pre-occupied with the many things he wants to achieve. He should learn to pay attention to his Piscean woman or else she will wander away. She, in return, should offer her support to help him grow and achieve all that he desires.

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