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Pisces Love Horoscope

This year may prove to be a bumpy ride for Pisceans when it comes to relationships. There will be a lot of change, not just in romantic relationships but friendships as well. This will also call for you to make carefully weighed decisions regarding the same. We advise you to enjoy this rollercoaster ride as it will provide you with clarity of mind and relationships.

Be alert and vigilant when it comes to forming new relationships. There are chances that you may fall for someone with a considerable age difference. Be sure to check the background of the person. Weigh the pros and cons and see whether there is potential for long term commitment.

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Single Pisceans will experience romantic fulfillment. Newer social commitments and casual affairs will form easily. Learn to state your needs, goals and aspirations in a relationship. This way, your partner would also be able to get a clear picture of expect you from them.

Those singles planning to get hitched will realize that the time has come. Choose a date post 10th of May, as the planetary positions look favorable then.

The married Pisceans will live in peace for most of the year. But don’t take it for granted. Put your best foot forward and keep your partner happy. The period of retrogression of Mars can be crucial and there may be some marital unrest. Also keep in mind to maintain your work and life balance. Otherwise you may compromise the time you should devote to your partner.

The influence of Saturn emits negative vibes and they may prove harmful for existing relationships. So take extra care to pay attention to your partner and avoid unnecessary conflict.

Brace yourself as there may be an emotional tug of war in the near future. Your friend and lover may demand your loyalty and time simultaneously. Don’t divide your attention and handle things delicately so as to avoid ruining your relationship with both of them.

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