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Libra Women Horoscope

Here are the traits of a woman, who belong to the sign of the scales .i.e. the Libran woman.

As it has been rightly said, that there is always a little percent of man in every woman, and so is with the woman, .i.e. there is a little percent of woman in every man, & here comes the Libran girl for you, who   is dominated by the sign of the scales .i.e. Libra.

A proud owner of immense Mars’s wisdom, a typical Libran woman, is known   for her  great intellect and the command that she possess over the  other  sun sign’s ascendants , giving  them a great challenge to match up to her potentialities.

The females, who have been found to be among most intelligent and possess high wisdom, that’s what we have for you, the Libran woman.

She is proud of her Mar’s wisdom in abundance that has always been one of her main characteristics defining her persona.

Pretty as a doll, with a white bunny complexion and the great wisdom, a typical Libran woman is somebody who is just a doll, whose soft voice and a figurine like looks will surely take your heart away, adding the dollops of the wisdom too, in her kitty.

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With all her sweet pretty mannerism and the lovely grace this female wears a pair of shoes, which marks the responsibility and been intrigued by the touch of the sign of the scales .i.e. the tint of male’s personality in her acts, which you can very well see, if you happen to have gone through a character, which is of a Libran woman.

Blend of looks and loads of wisdom, that’s what we have the Libran woman for you.

One very significant feature of a Libran woman is that her mental process matches a male’s logic. The trick is, a Libran woman has doll like, petite body, but who actually is strong and subtle like that of a man. You can find the trace of a woman in every Libran man and same goes with the Libran man.

Dominated by the sign of the scales, a typical Libran woman stays fair with all the people she deals with and always speak up for the justice, she cannot bear any kind of the injustice or any nuisance been created for any person by any unfair means. A die hard, justice lover, woman of scales, she can never ever even favour somebody who intends to do anything unfair and unethical with anyone.

The sign of the scales, not only represent her love for the justice , but a pure Libran will always be found as an intermediary, who always try to let people patch up, with a harmony and peace. That also gives the reason, that the Libran woman is called as the bridges.

A beautiful soul, a Libran woman loves expensive clothes, good music (probably classic) and yes off course, the nice fragrances that always gives her an immense pleasure.

Libra woman as Wife: So, if you have the woman of scales as your wife, here is a list of the characteristics and the traits that beautiful Libran wife, who wakes you up daily and serves you with a cup of tea.

There’s no such law, which says that sincerity can’t have the practical application! So if you tend to have the Libran woman, she will certainly need loads of hug and warm affectionate kisses to brighten her mood and will always be the person, who wants her husband to be just her side always. Ignoring the matter of fact, how masculine and strong the woman of scales can be, with the little tint or the traits of a man.

Famous Libran Woman:


Julie Andrews

Sarah Bernhard

Rita Hayworth

Helen Hayes

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