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Libra Love Horoscope

This year looks promising as far as relationships are concerned. The magnetic personality of Librans will make sure they benefit the most. Singles will be overcome with passion and those already involved will be ready to commit this year.

If you’re one of those who silently hope for their long lost love or crush to make a comeback in their life, then your dream may be fulfilled this year. But we suggest you to not dig up the past and waste your time. Past relationships do not do much good to a person, there is a reason they couldn’t make it to your future. Always move ahead and do not retreat.

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Committed Librans will feel the need for greater fulfillment in their relationships. They will be ready to make long term commitments and explore more in their relationships to bond at a deeper level with their beloved. The period when Jupiter is direct is the best time to tie the knot, but avoid the period of Mars retrogression from 18th April till the end of June. Let casual relationships go this year and make efforts to develop serious ones as they will be more rewarding.

The transit of Mars in Scorpio will affect the life married life of Librans, and all will not be too well in paradise.  Avoid being cynical or critical else it may create trouble. Be open to suggestions and advice from your spouse, as they will prove to be beneficial for you. Spend some quality time with your family and bring back the spark in your relationship to live in harmony. Also remember to pay attention to the suggestions or advice that your partner has for you as this will prove to be beneficial for you.

Later in the year, you’ll find yourself emotionally satisfied, and experience fulfillment. This year will hence be fruitful for you.

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