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Libra Child Horoscope

A cute angelic face, with the features of that of a cherub, a pure Libran child is extremely cute and irresistibly pretty.  A plump pink face of that young one will just take your heart away, with his/her charm.

When a Libran child smiles, his/her charm takes your heart away, with that glorified smile, which will surely be too cute and immensely pretty.

A typical well-mannered soul, who would never ever throw, a blanket on his mother’s face and will never, be angry, when she tries to feed him or give him something to eat and he does not want to have the same.

He is a quite a charmer, who is so well bestowed with the Venus’s features, that he has those angelic features like of the cherubs. A Libra child is a treat to have, who keeps his parents well charmed with his presence.

Dominated by the god of scales, a typical Libran child usually stays confused. If you happen to put a bowl of noodles and a bowl of his favourite dish, in front of him, he will surely be not eating it just quick and fast as he stays confused and will not be able to make his mind.

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The best way to tackle with a Libran child is to always give him first one thing at a time, if you want your baby to eat cereal first, give him the cereal first to him, if you want him to eat noodles later then give him the noodles later.  He will not get confused and will eat it, without any objection or confusion or so.

The last thing that you can ever do to a Libra child would be to tell him that he is stubborn! A gemini child is usually stubborn, a typical Libran child is always confused and when you shout on him/her, he/she will get confused, get his/her scales disturbed and will not be able to follow your order.

Libra girls and boys usually have kind hearts and are pure souls, who wish to seek the truth and only truth.

They need a peaceful environment, well soothing colours and are highly affected by the tones. It is usually recommended to paint there room in the soft tones, all they need is soothing music and the floral prints.

Libra child as a student is extremely intelligent. They carve for perfection and maintain a balance at work; they love to debate and are really good in mathematics.

Raised with a proper balance, is an absolute delight for his/her teachers.

A typical Libra child always wants his/her privacy. A Libran girl child will always be found to be really fond of the fragrances and the other beauty & aesthetics aspects. Displaying well, the blessings of the Venus in every aspect (from small to large) of their life, the Libran children (both sexes) are just diehard fond of fragrance’s and the beauty related products.

The teenagers of the Libra sign (both the sexes) will always be observed to be over romantic and are fond of the beauty and aesthetics.

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