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Cancer Nature Horoscope

It has usually been said that the best time to hunt for a personality who is a cancer, is the time of the light of a silvery moon. The best  time to know the cancer personality is the night time, when they are all dressed up to hit the bed and get sunk in their vivid imagination, .i.e. the time when they are about to have the final take off in to their dreams.

Moon light give them an un-exceptionally beautiful aura and enhance their grace and poise. The various moods and the traits of a cancer ascendant are like a sea, which goes through lot of turbulences, when come under the influence of the moon’s effect thus that is what is reflected in their changing moods.

Cancerians remain the same person, throughout the different lows and highs. His personality can be very well determined, by studying or analyzing the pattern of the moon. So are the basic moods of a cancer personality, which are very well synchronized with the moon, which are more of like the tides of the ocean, which flow in and flow out.

But yes, you may first come across him when he's laughing the "crazy lunar laugh." It's inescapably contagious, and is one of a sight that you should go for.

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When it comes to the party time, you will always find a cancer person, giggling with all the laughter and making good pretty merry time. If he will not be laughing on his jokes, he will always be found cheering on one or the other person’s joke.

The Cancerians personality has one of the particular traits that they don’t get influenced with the major changes or turbulences in their life, they have this unexceptional quality that they stay calm. A typical cancer person will remain the same person consistently, through different highs and lows in their life.

They secretly enjoy attention and will soak up all the limelight, if given an opportunity.

They have this uncanny talent of grabbing publicity. Overly emotional and dipped in the emotions, the cancer people have this capacity of making others cry as well , by  expressing their feelings and the emotional feelings and the thoughts that will surely take your heart away.

Until he learns to rule over his fears, he will always found wearing his Achilles swords and go ahead for it.

An emotional soul, the tears of a cancer ascendant are never fake! They cry, from the deep of their heart and are over emotional.

Sometimes, he can retaliate with much alike scorpion revenge, but he'll usually do it secretly, seldom openly with the Scorpio's fine contempt for consequences. Most of the time, however, he will turn away from getting even; content to hide under his protective shell.

That's another mood Cancerians have. Crabby. The person who gave you a cranky answer when you asked for the time, the one who nearly snapped your head off when you asked him to pass the salt-was probably a Cancer person going through one of his occasional crabby spells that makes him hate the world. He's not angry with you. He's disappointed with life.

Famous Cancer People across the world:

John Quincy Adams

Louis Armstrong

Ingmar Bergman

Milton Berle

Julius Caesar

James Cagney Marc Chagall Jean Cocteau George M. Cohan Calvin Coolidge.

Phyllis DiUer

Stephen Foster

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