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Cancer Child Horoscope

Baby who changes his mood as frequently as we change his diapers, yes here we have a Cancerians offspring for you: A child who belongs to the cancer sunsign is the one, who is volatile and takes the world with both his arms wide open. This world seems to be a strange place to the lunar infant, who takes this world with much of an amusement and the fascination.

They are soulful admirers of this nature’s beauty and the fascinating splendor. One particular thing about the cancer child is that they memorize& keep each and every mesmerizing nature’s beauty, delicious drinks, soothing music and amazing movies etc., in their mind & that too so well that they can literally describe, each and every aspect of the spectacular things that cross his sharp eyes. Your Cancerians boy or girl will recollect every feeling and emotion, and be able to give it back as an exact image. They remember each and every fragrance, soothing music, soft touch and the feel by heart.

Since the time, the day starts, a Cancer child literally records all the things which he sees, hears and feels in his/her mind.

A cancer child feel sunk in the deep sea of his imagination and creative thoughts, so much that he usually feels alone and bit debarred from the rest of the people.

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As have been widely observed about the cancer child: his emotions are deep, vivid and colorful but he is lonely.

It is an absolute challenge for the adults to follow him up to the moon mountain of his dreams, he is the who just cannot be followed & traced. But yes, play time with the lunar babies is usually full of fun. They have sharp features and droll expressions with the sparkling eyes which almost talk themselves. But, despite all this, they stay lonely.

You will most often find their features constantly been eon-tort with the tears & in the other second will frequently be twisted with the grimace and then would be spread with the smile. It’s a quite an effort to figure out the exact reason, he is going to giggle.

When we compare the emotional needs, the cancer children usually demand more than the people who belong to the other sun-signs like Pisces girls and boys.

The greatest influence on the little Cancerians comes from the early home environment. The young crabs are sensitive and their behavior right from their childhood is directly dependent on the reaction of their parents and the siblings. That is the kind of the bonding and the dependency they have on their parents and the siblings.

Extremely shy to express his inner desires, a cancer child, however loves to get his wishes fulfilled and the hidden desires.

Don’t ever think that they can take the rejections easily. If happened to have faced the rejection, they are literally crushed.

The Cancerians offspring’s have this tendency, of being aggressive and furious, in their adolescence, extremely unmanageable when are faced with the certain disturbances like misbehavior from some people and the rude comments. They can turn in to a rebel in their adolescence without any specific cause, who are ironically exactly opposite in their younger child-hood years.

A docile and extremely quiet as the cancer children are, the irony of the situation is that they are the cardinal sign of the leadership, who love to lead and rule.

They love to be heard and respected, ignoring their tender emotions and gentle manners, they are not meant to follow any one.

If your progeny is happened to belong to the sun sign of cancer, he may get spoiled a bit in his adolescence, but will certainly show the leadership qualities.

Famous Cancer children:

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