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Cancer Monthly Horoscope - Monthly Horoscope for Cancer, Cancer Monthly Astrology

Cancer Monthly Horoscope - Jul 2017

There will be mixed incidents with you in this month. You will try to do something and something else will come out of the efforts you put in. You will lose money in effort to make money; there will be misunderstandings with friends and well-wishers. Problem in eyes will be there. Work front will be normal. You will have some miscommunications but it will be manageable. You will make money in your business. There will be favors from government people. But keep in mind that some of your good deeds may also trigger negative impact on others and then on you so think well before doing anything.  Romance will be on your mind for a long time. Your interest will be in music and films and spending time together. You will make spending on your love partner. You will buy costly gifts.

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