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Aquarius Taurus Love Compatibility

The Aquarians like to live in the past or the future- they dream a lot. The Taureans on the other hand live in the present, for them, the past and the future hold no meaning.

The Aquarians needs as much as five seconds to call someone they met, their friend. In contrast, the Taurean may take five years and still not be sure if that person is their friend!

So, their union can be successful but it takes time as well as effort.


How would the relationship be?

The Taurus woman is tailor made for romance, the Aquarian man however likes his own space and privacy. His principles are firm and fixed, which he refuses to change. The Taurean woman is attracted to his manly qualities, but to what avail? He treats her as a friend. Although it is only to test where the relationship stands, the Taurus woman has no patience for it.

What would the main loopholes be?

The Taurean woman believes in a forever kind of relationship, she will try to make it work whatever happens. The Aquarian man is also a forever kind of guy- but till the time it is working smoothly, he will choose to end it once it starts causing stress to him.

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The Aquarian man can adapt to change easily and this helps him deal better. But the Taurean woman is scared of change. She feels secure and safe with her partner whom she does not want to leave.

These opposite thought processes lead to conflict.

What can be done?

Both of them can learn something from each other. The Taurus woman can learn to be a little easy going, and the Aquarius man can learn to love a little.


How would the relationship be?

The Aquarian woman has an air of mystery around her. She is intrigued by the Taurus man due to his masculinity and he- due to her mysterious nature.

The Aquarian woman is unpredictable as she’s ruled by Uranus. She’ll get angry and then cool off too- all on her own! The bull’s anger is somewhat permanent.

What would the main loopholes be?

The Aquarian woman is eccentric in nature. She is unpredictable and not at all conventional. The Bull is practical and set in his ways- he is anything but eccentric!

The Aquarian woman’s nature can drive the calm Bull crazy. He is traditional and serious and cannot take the Aquarian’s nature at times.

The Taurean man devotes all his love and attention towards his partner, who is loyal to him as well. But she wants to spend time with her friends too, which may be a little difficult for the Bull to understand.

What can be done?

Both of them need to give love to each other, not just receive it. The Taurus man needs to understand her unpredictable nature, and she needs to deal with his predictability!

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