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Aquarius Boss Horoscope

Aquarius boss is the one who would usually prefer to end up starving rather than attending a proper 9 to 5 office schedule. He is the one who just hate giving orders and always prefer to be confined in his small world, where no one disturbs him and that makes him entirely more appropriate for the kind of the positions, which are in the upper management layer and has the habit of get stuck to his seat, all engrossed in his laptop.

High level of incompatibility with the stuffy board meetings, but one thing which just cannot be ignored about the Aquarius boss is that he is always on the hot seat to get in to the details of the things very well, and is ready to be jumped in to the conclusion before anyone else can do that.

Though his exceptional property of analyzing things faster than anyone else, he can sometimes be a real doom for his employee, as he will most of the time, be noticed as the one, who calls his  co-employees not with their names, but with the other rude tones like: Listen miss or Hello Mr.  And not at all with your respective names, can which sound to many people rude, in many cases.

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One thing which an Aquarius boss hates, more than anything is his dis honesty.

A complete professional, an Aquarius boss never ever bother to interfere or enter in to your private arena of the life.

If you have an Aquarius boss, never ever borrow money from your boss, as he straight away disapproves of the fact about the people, who don’t know, how to live within their financial limits and has this poor capability of not being able to have a good estimation of their expenses and the scale of the purchases.

Unlike the Aries and the Leo boss, he will never ever be there to stop you or point out any of the wrong decisions taken by you.

There is always an air of the change around this man, who just loves to bring daily changes and the updates in the atmosphere around him.

Aquarians don’t confide anything to their wives that openly and prefer to stay confined to them.  In many married couples, you can very well see an Aquarian man, very rarely shares anything with his wife. So is the same case with the Aquarian boss, who just doesn’t share any specific facts about his life.

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