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Conjunction of two planets in a house

The effects of planets in a house depend on whether there is just one planet present in the house or it is in conjunction with another planet. Similarly the effects for a native change if there are more than two planets in the house.

Let's see what it means to have two planets in conjunction in one house.


The native will have the capability to learn Vastushastra. He will be a good sculptor and can excel in the business of iron and stone.


This arrangement makes the native of the house aggressive, bold, and hardworking but he never gets enough returns for his efforts. He has the ability to become famous.


This combination is the most commonly occurring one. Soft spoken and better analytical abilities are the features of the natives and they can be good actors, editors and thinkers.


Knowledge is the strength of the natives of this combination. They easily get favours from high ranking officials and popular people.


The mind of the native is full of sexual thoughts and so he has bad morals. A painter by profession, he is at a high risk of suffering diseases related to the eye.


The natives have faith in God. They are informative and knowledgeable when it comes to metals.


This conjunction results in “laxmi yog” and makes the native rich. He is a successful businessman. In fact the native achieves success in which ever field he tries his luck. He is also artistic and brave in nature.


The natives are kind and pious. They can be editors by profession and receive many awards and recognition.


The natives are romantic, liberal, helpful, and religious. He also believes in social service.


The profession best suited to the native of this conjunction is business. He will be successful and hence spend generously for his material needs. He is active sexually and has a good sense of humor.


The natives are foolish in nature. They have financial constraints and a dull personality overall.


This combination gives birth to good doctors, speakers and sculptors. They have good knowledge of scriptures, and are generally well-off.


The native is a lover of music and plays some or the other musical instrument. He excels in math, and is a learned person. He is also virtuous.


The natives have a flair for business as well as metallurgy. There are chances of him becoming a pilot. He is diligent and enjoys yoga


The natives are frauds, and show offs. They cannot be trusted.


People born under this combination are great speakers, poets and lyricists. They acquire a lot of fame.


The natives can go on to become good accountants or ministers. They enjoy favours from high ranking officials and enjoy life.


The natives enjoy gaining knowledge and are intelligent. They give good speeches so they can take up teaching and become professors. They can also become good actors.


The people under this conjunction always take the right path after a lot of calculations. They are healthy and wealthy and hence enjoy life.


Experts are born under this conjunction. They are skilled in their field, earn respect and become rich and famous.


The natives have the ability to paint, own livestock and fall sick often. They are not wealthy and have low sperm count. Protection Status