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Conjunction of three planets in a house

The effects of planets in a house depend on whether there is just one planet present in the house or it is in conjunction with another planet. Similarly the effects for a native change if there are three planets in the house.


The native is courageous and has all the qualities apt for a warrior. He is skilled in his work, and has patience. He can become a scientist.


The person born under this trio are intellectuals and love to read. Lady luck is always by their side and they play the role of a policy maker.


A philosopher by nature, they are well-informed and friendly. They are also hardworking, religious, and like to practice yoga.


This conjunction makes one a greedy businessman, but he fails to acquire much wealth. He may be infertile when it comes to reproduction.


The natives are neither trustworthy nor dependable. They are impatient fools who talk a lot and cheat others


Courage and ego are the characteristic features of the natives of this combination. They lack patience and talk a lot. They often don’t get a chance to enjoy the luxuries of life and are cold by nature.


Influential people fall under this arrangement of planets. They have a lot of fame and earn respect. They are rich and mostly truthful.


The natives are selfish, and dry in nature. They are born in good families, acquire expertise in their field and become powerful. But they are prone to eye infections and diseases.


This combination results in failures and the natives are therefore sad and unhappy in life.


Writers, sculptors, speakers and artists fall under this conjunction. They suffer from eye infections but as they are clever, they lead a luxurious life.


The natives are talkative and talk of unimportant things. They are jealous by nature and lacks morals. They are sad wanderers.


The native looks handsome when he is young but as age progresses he loses his charm. He wastes money and lacks morals.


Hardworking and respected individuals fall under this arrangement. They are good organizers and may suffer from eye problems.


The natives may not have a good character and hence have enemies. They may suffer from leprosy.


The native suffers from painful diseases and is does not have a good character. He may also be defamed publicly for his acts.


The native is cold hearted, detached and a fraud. He cheats others and is not good natured.


The natives are blessed with a pleasing personality. They are witty and cheerful. They work hard and earn a lot as a result.


The native is over active sexually. He is greedy and often cheats others. His ego is high and he doesn’t have a good character.


This arrangement makes natives restless but trustworthy. They receive many awards as they are learned and earn respect as well.


Dedication and leadership qualities are the distinct features of the natives of this conjunction. They are generally good people and can be ministers as they are very sharp.


The people who fall under this combination believe in charity. They work hard and have all the qualities required to become a good astrologer, teacher, editor, or businessman.


The natives are blessed with a good wife and a lot of female friends. They are ambitious and possess all positive traits. They are also good poets and singers.


People belonging to this arrangement have an inferior lineage and may be handicapped, but they perform good deeds. They are a little fussy by nature.


Careless and irresponsible people belong to this conjunction. They suffer from addiction and diseases of the mouth.


The native produces sons, is happy, wealthy and leads a lavish life. He makes friends with people of high society.


The native climbs the ladder of success in the last phase of his life. He is rich and good natured overall.


The native of this arrangement is a founder of many institutions, and a high ranking official. He is helpful by nature. Protection Status