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Conjunction of five planets in a house

The effects of planets in a house depend on whether there is just one planet present in the house or it is in conjunction with another planet. Similarly the effects for a native change if there are more than two planets in the house. Let’s see what it means to have five planets in conjunction in one house.


The individual is capable of doing many things in life but he is a cheat. On one hand he is a great warrior and organizer, on the other, he is restless and unreliable.


The native has faith in religions other than his own, but is selfish and thinks only of what will benefit him. He is weak physically and remains unhealthy. He may also lose his brothers and sisters.


The persons under this conjunction remain childless, alone and poor. He gets separated from his family and does not get any physical pleasures.


The native is a cheat and envies the wealth of others. He is brave but may lose his family at an early age in life. He may even suffer from eye diseases.


The people under this arrangement lead a pointless and empty life. He remains poor, and fights a lot with others. He is a warrior yet a trouble maker in the true sense.


Extramarital relationships mark the life of the natives of this arrangement. They are unhygienic and unsocial but also brave and prosperous.


The native attains wealth and fame. He is courageous and may go on to become a minister.


The natives lead a life of poverty, eating the leftover food of others. He is a sinner and is loses his temper quickly.


The native remains poor and barren. He is physically weak though he has a large built. He may even have self-harming instincts.


Indecisiveness is a characteristic trait of the natives born under this arrangement. They are brainy, brave and have all the abilities to become a magician. He may have multiple love relationships.


The native may work for the Army, if not that, he will head other organizations. He may have illegitimate relationships and performs many acts of courage in his life. He has a good sense of humour.


A life of poverty is destined for the natives of this conjunction. They have a critical eye and a negative mind.


The native is fortunate, religious, knowledgeable, and brilliant.


The native is cheerful and good natured. He is bold and dependable and may become a writer.


The person remains unhealthy and miserable. He is set in his views, becomes popular and believes in charity.


The native is a trendsetter who is respected. He may suffer from eye infections.


He becomes famous and earns the respect of one and all. He is happy and content in his life. Protection Status