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Conjunction of four planets in a house

The effects of planets in a house depend on whether there is just one planet present in the house or it is in conjunction with another planet. Similarly the effects for a native change if there are more than two planets in the house.

Let's see what it means to have four planets in conjunction in one house.


The native is clever and skilled in his field. He can be a writer. He indulges in worldly desires but is mostly unhealthy.


The native is a leader, he follows the system, is rich and clever.


The native is powerful and an expert in his area of work. He is wealthy, famous and has a good sense of humour.


Under this arrangement, the native falls sick frequently and has eye problems. He is patient, rich and fit to be a jeweler.


The native is famous and educated. He is virtuous and happy but not very rich.


Laziness marks this combination. The natives are sad and do not own much wealth. They are knowledgeable and lack sexual abilities.


The people under this conjunction cannot take decisions and are unstable. They can be skilled mechanics, but do not have a strong built.


Construction of ponds and rest houses is done by the natives of this conjunction. They believe in charity and are religious by nature. They are also friendly and ambitious.


The native indulges in incest and is interested in women but is weak physically.


A rich businessman and a womanizer by nature, the native of this arrangement is a cheat and so he is insulted in his life.


The natives have all the qualities required to become either a poet or a minister. They are happy, enjoy life and are respected in the society.


A good businessman, he owns mills and may go on to become a minister/teacher. He loves his family and does many things for religion. He wholeheartedly devotes his time and energy to whatever field he chooses.


Such a native is jealous and negative overall. He thinks ill of others and doesn’t even like his own relatives. He is also unhygienic.


The native of this conjunction has many siblings and is joyful. He is a leader and hence he is respected by the people. He abides by principles and is wealthy as well.


The natives are egoists and fight a lot. They are irritable and may be impotent. They can be poets, editors and laureates.


The people under this conjunction have all the luxuries at their disposal but they are still unsatisfied and wander. They are happy the way they are. They are righteous and talkative.


The natives are bright and intelligent having information about various art forms. They are helpful; indulge in social work and lead a happy life overall.


Though the natives are lethargic, uncooperative and quarrelsome, they lead happy lives in the end.


The native has a good wife and begets sons. His mind is restless but he has will power and courage along with many other positive traits.


Such a native is popular amongst women. He is kind hearted, rich and indulges in social work. He is a philanthropist and is respected by everyone.


The native has knowledge regarding scriptures. He is bold, brave and rich. Dedication and patience are his key characteristics.


The individual lacks morals and guidance of a good teacher. He is also very talkative.


The native is rich, happy and intelligent. He respects and cares for his parents and is religious with a firm belief in God.


The native is smart and earns fame and respect. He loves his siblings and may become a poet.


The person is undependable and lacks a good character. He is a liar and hence is disliked by all.


The native leads a life of poverty and is unhappy. He may suffer from skin diseases.


The individual is bright and intelligent. He earns the respect of one and all as he is dedicated and sincere. Despite this, he never gets what he deserves.


The native is successful in life. He is brave and famous and may be interested in body building.


The native is aggressive, courageous and wealthy. He takes decisions quickly and has an interest in women.


The native is virtuous and obedient. He cares for his parents throughout his life and helps others. He is honest and trustworthy. Protection Status