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Aries Nature Horoscope

When the sign of the Aries rise in the eastern horizon at the time of birth, then your ascendant will be Aries. The ascendant is the 1st house in the birth chart ruled by Mars. It is the first sign of the zodiac.

Let's explore about the basic traits and the personality that defines an Aries person:

The native of Aries is usually addressed as Ram. Aries people usually have sharp features, and seldom soft or blurred. The well-marked brows often join with the narrow bridge of the nose, as can be seen with the sign of the ram itself:

Aries are loyal, honest, pure and transparent. What you see in front is what he is. There's nothing complicated or hidden about him. One needs to have his trust and hw will be all open like a baby.

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Aries people are generally ambitious. They love to make their own dreams and then work hard to make them true. Most of the times they live in fantasy or imagination but soon come to the realization point.

It is impossible to resist an Aries baby. Nobody can imagine that they will be selfish. They will lavish their smiles on those only who favor them with their demands. Aries babies are extremely attention seekers. They love other's eyes on them.

An Aries is a go-getter. When he wants something, he will surely get it. He is self-centered as he is only concerned with the world as it relates to himself.

When the Aries person has an idea or something he wants to get off his mind, he will call you at four in the morning without a qualm. He will do it with the intent that why nobody giving attention to him, when he is awake. He can go restless in fraction of seconds.

He fears nothing and no one, until he gets burned. Any doubts he collects along the way are immediately forgotten, once the next person come forward for his help.

When he is in the stronger mode and mature people force him or take things away from him. He reacts only in the manner he knows, .i.e. yelling and causing so much disturbance.

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