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Aries Love Horoscope

Your heart will give you shocks and surprises and take you for a wild ride. All the single people have chances of falling in love with someone elder to them in age. Some may be on the lookout for a stable and long-term relationship, whereas those already in steady relationship may suffer from heartbreak during the planetary transits. Try and block all negative thoughts as they may spoil your love prospects. You will be blessed with new friends and improve your social life.

The period of retrogression of Mars is crucial and you will have to trust your inner voice when it comes to choosing a partner. An unexpected end to a stable relationship is also on the cards, due to change in the position during mid April. A second marriage is likely for those who are looking to re-marry.

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Those who remain together will be bound by commitment and may tie the knot for conjugal bliss. Those already married may have to face some problems in the beginning of the year. In such a scenario you need to bring back the spark and romance in your relationship. Candle light dinners, weekend getaways, gifts and surprises should do the trick. Ego and stubbornness may further worsen the situation and hence should be avoided. You may also have an irrational and unreasonable attitude towards your partner, and we advise you to watch your words.

The best remedy is communication. Communicate with you partner and share your views, opinions and feelings to avoid conflict. New romance may blossom and bring with it goodwill which will further boost your career and finance. Be careful before making promises to your beloved as not fulfilling them may ruin the relationship.

Testing times lie ahead in terms of relationships, only strong ones will survive, be prepared!

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