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Aries Love Compatibility Horoscope

Aries natives are compatible with Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius.


Their relation will be full of energy, excitement and curiosity. They both will end up extremely creative if together. Gemini's ideas and Aries will power will give them success. Gemini as an air sign will give oxygen to the fire of Aries. If taken a healthy image, they may face harsh and rude environment. But this will not turn much bad as they both do not give much importance to other's opinions.

Aries and Gemini can turn in verbal aggression. But the duo will be a benefit to each other as no one is neither  too easily hurt nor too sensitive. Gemini sexual desires may get over loaded for Aries. Aries will understand after a time and will be open up to the game.


Both of them are very energetic and powerful. Aries and Aquarius love each other truly and will support each other most of the time. They do not find it difficult as the nature of both signs allow them.

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When come to sexual relations, it can be either super exciting or extremely bad and stressful. It  is usually both. They will face lack of emotion in oneself. Both need love and they will end up realizing that their signs are ruled by Mars who is unemotional and cold planet.  They will enjoy in the in their relationship. Aries will be enough to give energy and strength to the partner and Aquarius will be enough to widen the crazy and creative ideas.


They will spark with each other. They will be committed and serious to each other. Aries and Leo both are strong signs with confident personalities. They will enhance the level of their relation with passing time. They both will have similar sexual desires and tastes. Their want of each other will never fade and interrupted. They will be passionate together. They will fight but will cover that up easily. They are source of energy and as individuals.

It may happen that ego problems arises for one. They will fight and destroy each other's ego easily and will live up to that.


Sagittarius has a way of making joke and fun out of almost everything. Aries being serious especially at the time of sex will make Sagittarius, a strong intent of laugh which may arise a funny situation. Both of them are fire signs with passionate personalities. Aries are passionate about their action and new things including sex whereas Sagittarius are passionate for their own cheerful way of living.

Sagittarius are a bit self concerned. They can live their entire life to know whether they are right or wrong. They search for the universal truths. Aries will be serious and tensed. Sagittarius will take aries to a more relaxed zone.


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Aries Love Compatibility

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