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Virgo Daily Horoscope

Today's Horoscope 23-03-2018


You will have good and sound health. Minor ailments will be a cause of concern. Meditation will help from any stress if any. You might face indigestion problems. Balanced diet is advisable. Avoid spicy food.


Due to illness you might feel emotionally upset for no reason. Chances of reacting in erratic manner are likely. Watch your words else you might end up hurting your loved ones. Today you are more sensitive than other days. Watching comedy movies will uplift your emotions on positive side.

Personal Life

Everything that seems good will turn out to be worse today. All efforts that you try put on personal matters will be delayed or will fail. keep yourself calm and be patient as today is not the right day for you. In Spite of some stressful situations ; your family will support you to uplift your mood and take care of your health. Be humble towards your family as they are going to do their best to cheer you up.


You will feel overburden at work and try to manage things accordingly. Your superiors know about your ability to handle pressure so do not worry. Some close colleague will help you with work and you will breathe huge sigh of relief. Entrepreneurs are advised not sign any new contract as it may lead to financial loss in future.


Travelling might cost unnecessary expenditure. Cancel all the trips if not urgent.


Today is not a lucky day to start any new work . Stick to your daily schedule.

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