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Virgo Taurus Love Compatibility

Virgos find it difficult to cope with the stubbornness of the Bull. The Bull in return, finds it a little hard to deal with the cleanliness freak in the Virgo. But what are a few disagreements between the otherwise friendly Bull and Virgin?

In this ever changing society, the Virgos and Taureans stand firmly by their principles and this similarity helps them gel better. The Virgo may nag the patient Bull at times but they are compatible overall.


How would the relationship be?

It’s difficult for a Taurus woman to woo a Virgo man, but do not mistake it to be the woman’s inability to please a man. The fault lies with the Virgos entirely. They are so self-absorbed that they fail to understand others’ interest in them.

But this cannot keep them apart, their desires, aspirations and goals are similar. The Virgos want everything to be perfect and keep pointing out mistakes that others’ make. But what happens when they meet someone who’s graceful and does not goof up at all? They fall in love- badly.

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They are both rather peaceful, but the Taurean woman’s anger is deep seated whereas the Virgo man’s anger does not go that deep in his heart.

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What will the main loopholes be?

The Virgo man is accustomed to his woman, and cannot understand why she wants to surround herself with so many people when he is there for her. She on the other hand complains of his strict routine.

What can be done

Even though it is hard to please a Virgo man, the Taurean female manages to do it- to some extent (not fully!) and hence there are not many conflicts. They just need to handle each other with love, sympathy and forgiveness.


How would the relationship be?

It’s a fact that all Virgins are freaks when it comes to neatness- the Bulls on the other hand do not mind if their surroundings are cluttered. Virgos examine all the facts evaluate them ethically whereas the Bulls do not talk or examine; they just feel what is right or wrong and then act blindly.

They are both practical and this helps them bond even better.

What will the main loopholes be?

Both these signs are similar in nature and there are not many issues where they will disagree. They complement and comfort each other.

What can be done

The Virgo and the Bull spend their lives admiring the small things they are surrounded with their entire life. They only need to keep in mind the fact that they should not expect too much as expectations lead to disappointment at times.

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