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Moon in Taurus

Natives with Moon in Taurus are somewhat reserved in nature and like to be familiar first with people or surroundings first before they open up to others. They like to have all kind of material comforts with them like a house and vehicle etc. They fulfill their commitments is a good thing in them but trying to make them do something which they do not want to do is a very risky thing. They like to be in themselves and do not show their emotional front to others. They do not like messy things and places and try their best to avoid all this. Usually this makes them less understanding about the needs of their partners. Such people are romantic and have genuine, deep and unshakable affections and emotions. They will always see what it is there for them in any situation before taking any action. They appreciate good things of life and have an overdeveloped sense of smell. Break ups don`t happen with these people easily and the relationships go for long time usually. They will always prefer stability over surprises. Taureans are usually trust worthy and able people. Protection Status