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Natal effect of Moon in signs

Moon in Aries
People with moon in Aries are quite impatient and restless. They are living in the moment and for the moment. The spur of the moment is everything for them. Bursts of emotions and anger are common with them.  They are passionate people and emotional things matter above all for them. “R...   read more
Moon in Taurus
Natives with Moon in Taurus are somewhat reserved in nature and like to be familiar first with people or surroundings first before they open up to others. They like to have all kind of material comforts with them like a house and vehicle etc. They fulfill their commitments is a good thing in them...   read more
Moon in Gemini
People with Gemini Moon are “Mr. Know All” usually. They like to know about things people and processes happening in the universe. They can be very moody and very irritating at times but in general they are the favorite people in any group who are friends with almost everyone they fin...   read more
Moon in Cancer
Moon is the ruler of this sign thus in this sign moon is very much at ease. People with cancer moon are very good with understanding the feelings of others and have a very good emotional memory. They are very much busy with themselves at mental level. They do not appreciate many changes and like ...   read more
Moon in Leo
People having moon in Leo like to be in the spotlight but that should be of their family and not public, this is the case with many Leo people. Usually such people are not outgoing and like to be in the comfort zone. They are a very good host and like to entertain people of their social circle. T...   read more
Moon in Virgo
People with Moon in Virgo like to have security and stability in their lives. They are happiest when they have done they could to manage everyday life with ease. They are best when you give them the feel that they are important for you. Stress and pressure are not meant for them. They feel scatte...   read more
Moon in Libra
People having Moon in Libra feel the need to be with someone always. They cannot live alone and many times they fall in a relationship early in life. They look for mental affinity with people. They are good in conversations and have a good reputation in their fields. They get their strength throu...   read more
Moon in Scorpio
People having Moon in Scorpio have a very deep insight about what is going in other`s mind. They have the ability to understand the reality hidden behind the words. Such people are very strongly emotional and have many times they feel that it is not in their control any more. They do not believe ...   read more
Moon in Sagittarius
People with Moon in this sign need space of their own. They are good people with smile always on their faces but they cannot be caged in at any cost. They want to do something or another always and roam around with purpose. They forget things easily like appointments etc and can be termed as fill...   read more
Moon in Capricorn
People with Moon in this sign like to do things which produce some results. They do not like to waste time here and there. They do not show off their real emotions easily and make one keep guessing about what is going in their mind.  They like to live in reality and have practical targets in...   read more
Moon in Aquarius
People with Aquarius moon are very different or they try to be different so that they can be distinguished easily. They are very observing people and are very interested in knowing who did what and why. They have a sense of detachment always in their minds and this makes them emotionally bankrupt...   read more
Moon in Pisces
People with Moon in Pisces are known to be more of impractical types than realistic ones. They live in a dream world of their own and are very adaptable to change. These people may use their important time for others and in the end may end up wasting time which they could have used for themselves...   read more