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Moon in Gemini

People with Gemini Moon are “Mr. Know All” usually. They like to know about things people and processes happening in the universe. They can be very moody and very irritating at times but in general they are the favorite people in any group who are friends with almost everyone they find. They get nervous and worry a lot and are restless people. They like to read, think, talk, listen and watch a lot. They like change and that change can be house repair and renovation, car repair or service, travel because they get bored very soon and do not like consistency at all. They are always at work and are doing something or another. They simply do not understand emotional needs but are very good at serving to the intellectual needs of the people and family around them. They are very talkative people and can be seen talking with others over phone, cell phone, in crowds and are very witty people. They are bad at coming to a decision quickly because many things are going in their minds always. They can be termed as indecisive. They are very adaptable to change and like things moving around them. When it comes to Job, they would be the one who would switch very soon to another one.  In crisis situations they will first try to sort things by talking. They can be misunderstood many times when it comes to expressing themselves. They can be termed as insensitive and emotionally detached at times but it is not like that. They are simply not born like that.