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Capricorn Sexual Orientation Horoscope

They are difficult to catch but when one falls for you, he will be loyal and committed for life. They are very serious when it comes to love and romance. They take time and progress slowly.

They believe in actions rather than words. They are very expressive and like to share things. They are caring and can spend money on you. they are generous and loving.

In order to attract Capricorn woman, you need to be witty and entertaining. Your sense of humor must be impressive. You should be able to wait for her answer. Don’t spend money in front of her, she might reject you. She is ambitious and confident, never restrict her. She doesn’t like giving time to someone, she is not sure about. Give her time and wait for her interest.

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Don’t force her to get physical even if she is committed to you. She will break up and will never see behind. She need to be comfortable and let her take the initiative in sexual matters. Act intelligent in front of her and make her laugh, she will surrender quickly.

Capricorn men are ambitious and adventurous. They are focused and dedicated to their work, love and career. They want to achieve great heights with down-to-earth personality. Let him make the rules and plans, he will be ready to experience pleasure.

He wants stability and security in a relationship. Be practical in front of him. They will not get physical on the basis of tour affection and love only. They will be needing your emotional support and seriousness regarding relationship.

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