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Capricorn Love Horoscope

This year calls for Capricorns to be extra careful in the matters of love. It does not mean you won’t have any luck this year, it simply means you have to take care to not ruin what you already have.

The single Capricorns will have ample opportunities to make newer romantic contacts. A lot of proposals may come your way, but do not get confused, take your time and choose the right partner.

April onwards, you will be able to let go of the relationships that are not meaningful. Only those that have some substance will survive. This cleansing process is crucial and helps you form more significant relationships. You will attain emotional fulfillment, provided you shed your inhibitions and past confusions in matters regarding love.

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It’s “now or never” when it comes to love for Capricorn. Either give it your all, or move on. Getting stuck on a stage in a relationship is never beneficial.

Those in a married relationship may face some challenges, owing to the Mars retrogression. Otherwise it would be a smooth sail overall. If both you and your spouse are working, it will become imperative to spare some time for each other to avoid conflict and misunderstandings. Show some empathy towards your partner for a blissful married life. Weekend getaways are on the cards. Small projects regarding your house will also be time consuming. Those who have marriage plans should wait till May.

Capricorns should not hesitate in increasing intimacy this year. Past experiences should not hamper your emotional growth. Learn to move on and embrace what the future has in store for you. Do not be impolite or adamant in your approach towards the opposite sex due to some grudge that you hold against them or in general. Otherwise your year would be full of challenges which will be difficult to overcome.

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