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Sagittarius Horoscope 2018

Sagittarius Horoscope 2018

(Based on Your ascendant)

The year will begin with Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius, Rahu in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn, Mars this year will be hanging in Capricorn from 2nd May to 6th November and will be retrograding from 27th June to 28th August. Every alternate year Mars does this so this is nothing new. This will be the broad planetary picture of 2018.

Let us see what is in store for Sagittarians this year:

Family: Family life of natives will not be satisfactory. There will be misunderstandings and miscommunications. The home atmosphere will have a latent heat which will suddenly pop up from time to time. Your relatives will be of some help but you will hesitate to use their advice. More or less, there will be discontent throughout the year.

Married life: The same is going to happen in your married life. You will have heated arguments off and on. Your spouse will be the source of irritation all the year round and after October it will get worse. You should try to accommodate your spouse more in your life so that there remain no room for suspicion etc and this will help a lot in minimizing the arguments. You will be more suspicious about your spouse and will show discontent about things and people.    

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Health: You will have problems related to sexual organs. You may suffer from low potency. There is possibility of eye and teeth diseases. You may suffer from food pipe infections. You may get a severe blow on your face or leg.

Career: Career is not going to be very good. You will have a lot of problems in getting your things done. You will be side lined by your seniors and some other person will be given preference. You will not be able to finish things in time and this will hurt your reputation to a great extent. You may leave your job and decide to take a break for some time.  There will be negativity in your work place.

Business: There will be sudden and huge gains in your business but along with you will have to make cash outflows. As far as bank balance is concerned, you will be seeing a upward trend in it till 11th October but later on things may not be like you wanted them to be. Till October also you will be having some or other last minute glitch in doing you business. Sometimes you will be late in delivering your promises and sometimes your vendor will be late in delivering to you. This something or the other problem issue will go on this year throughout.

Romance: There is likelihood of beginning of a new relationship which is not going to last long. Those who are into a relationship may see it ending this year. Too much of doubt and suspicion will end your relationship.

Gemstone for the Year: Yellow Sapphire is the stone for you this year but only till the month of September. Do not wear it after September. You can buy these stones from Here you will get the genuine certified and guaranteed stones personally energized by me.

Vedic Remedies: You should give money to people who are suffering from leprosy. You should help handicapped people. You should feed a cow daily. You should recite “devi kawach” from Maa Durga Saptshati of Geeta press Gorakhpur. Wear a locket of Durgaji.

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By Acharya Raman


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