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Cancer Horoscope 2018

Cancer Horoscope 2018

(Based on Your ascendant)

The year will begin with Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius, Rahu in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn, Mars this year will be hanging in Capricorn from 2nd May to 6th November and will be retrograding from 27th June to 28th August. Every alternate year Mars does this so this is nothing new. This will be the broad planetary picture of 2018.

Let us see what is in store for Cancerians this year:

Family: This is a year of various disturbances for you and most of them will be only in the mind. Family life will be good from their side but you will not be able to accept the goodness and you will suspect the good things done by them for your benefits. You may have confrontations with your relatives on trivial matters. Things will be minor only but you will make them big in your mind by thinking them beyond proportions. If you will be able to curb these thought processes then things are going to be just fine for you this year.

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Married life: Married may get worst affected due to your attitude. You will not try to compromise and will be dominating your spouse. There is very fair possibility of physical abuse from your end this year. It is not only illegal but also immoral. It is also a possibility that you may enter into an extramarital relationship. The same you may expect from your better half. Months from May to November will be the period which will be very hard to bear. The best thing to do is become silent and let time pass on its own. You don’t become the doer rather just watch things from the side. 

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Health: Health is another thing which is going to give you many troubles. Generative organs, Piles, Headaches and insomnia are the things you will be having this year. The time between 2nd may to 23rd December is the time when you may have crucial health risks. So be protective.  You are very much prone to accident and amputation so it depends upon you how best you can manage to remain off from it.

Career: The career aspect is going to be good and you will not face big issues. There will be normalcy in your career and it will be upwards only most of the time. The period during 2nd May to 6th November will be very productive as far as career aspirations are concerned. You will have the energy to steer ahead yourself of others and prove your point. The only thing to keep in mind will be not to overestimate your virtues and underestimate your vices.

Business: Business people will not be having a good time and there will be clashes with your industry fellows. Do not go for a partnership this year as it is most likely going to fail desperately. You should not take big business decisions just like that in the impulse of the hour and the likes. Rather a prudent approach is what you need to have this year. You will make some profits for sure but your expectations are not going to be fulfilled.

Romance: This is another thing which is going to give you heart breaks. You may end up having an affair with someone and later be cheated by him or her. You may have a relationship with some out of your religious beliefs.  

Gemstone for the Year: Yellow sapphire is the stone you can wear for this whole year. It will boost your career probabilities which are the most important thing in present age. You can buy these stones from Here you will get the genuine certified and guaranteed stones personally energized by me.

Vedic Remedies: This year is going to be a mess for you in many aspects. It will be best that you recite “devi kawach” from Maa Durga Saptshati of geeta press Gorakhpur. You should also recite “kanakdhara stotra” and fast on Fridays. Donate yellow clothes to poor people who cannot afford to buy them.

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By Acharya Raman


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