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Venus in Cancer

People with this placement of Venus are looking for stable relations. They look for stability and in return one can expect security, comfort and caring. Such people understand your feelings and care about it and for them words are not so important. Too much logic bores them and can distract them too. They keep worrying about the stability and reliability of their relationships. If you have to please such a person then you will have to use all your cuddling and sentimental skills. Such people may adapt to tricking to find out whether they are really loved or not. They can be very possessive at times and get angry if their affection is not returned in the same way. They go through a lot of emotional ups and downs due to their own nature. They live too much in their past and this can irritate their partners. They are usually parsimonious with their money. They would spend more on their home, close friends and family. Protection Status