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Natal effect of Venus in signs

Venus in Aries
People with Venus in Aries are quite flirty. They can be too direct and self centered. They behave like a kid many times. They don’t like to have relations with people who are always beating around the bush or act too mature to be true. They get bored soon in a relationship thus it is neces...   read more
Venus in Taurus
When Venus is in Taurus in a native`s chart, it makes one very sensual and with liking for physical comforts. They look for reliable and dependable relationships. They can be very possessive in love and they can be taken by surprise by sudden happenings in their relationships. They will always va...   read more
Venus in Gemini
These people will always be interested in showing their knowledge to win over their affection. They don`t like to be pinned down and they are not happy in relationships which are monotonous. Their flair keeps changing very often and one can be clueless in what to expect from them.  They don&...   read more
Venus in Cancer
People with this placement of Venus are looking for stable relations. They look for stability and in return one can expect security, comfort and caring. Such people understand your feelings and care about it and for them words are not so important. Too much logic bores them and can distract them ...   read more
Venus in Leo
In relationships, these people love to be felt special and their egos pampered. They are a loyal breed of lovers and love is what matters to them the most. They will make one feel experienced in matters of love. They expect too much and it is mostly to give them attention. They feel strange when ...   read more
Venus in Virgo
People with Venus in Virgo like to be on earth. They are devoted to their relationships. They are keen to make a relationship work and they keep doing little things to make it happen. They like to be safe and secure in their relationships. They are very good listeners and give a lot of attention ...   read more
Venus in Libra
Venus in Libra people will try to impress you with their kindness, evenhandedness, and willingness to make your relationship work. They have a polished manner in love, which sometimes makes them appear insincere or superficial. They are gentle lovers who hate to be offended. They are threatened b...   read more
Venus in Scorpio
People with this placement of Venus are very sentimental and they have a charm which attracts others towards them. They are very good lovers and are not afraid to ask for sexual favors from their partners.  They will be dominating and will make you feel that being dominated is charming to be...   read more
Venus in Sagittarius
People with this placement of Venus like to feel that their relations can make their personality expand in the world with new connections and thoughts. They want to learn new things and have a mixed experience. They can be very lighthearted at times and very serious at times.  Usually they w...   read more
Venus in Capricorn
People who have Venus placed in Capricorn will have stable attitude. They want to be known as people who have things in their control and are not emotional bursts. They are cautious in their relationships and like things to be predictable. They are not very expressive about their love relations a...   read more
Venus in Aquarius
People with Venus in Aquarius are more towards showy types and they will give an impression that they are very futuristic and beyond it. They will present themselves as quite out of the box thinker and planner. They will usually oppose any kind of restrictions and will not mix up with people who ...   read more
Venus in Pisces
They will want you to feel that they are softhearted and sizzling partners. They will focus more the feel of the relationship and their partner. They will think not only of their partners but also about mankind at large. They will value your inner-self more than your worldly status whatever it ma...   read more Protection Status