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Mars is a cruel and fiery planet which appears copper red in color. The mantras for Mars are as follows:

Vedic mantra:

"ऊँ अग्निमूर्धादिव: ककुत्पति: पृथिव्यअयम। अपा रेता सिजिन्नवति ।"

Gayatri Mantra

ऊँ क्षिति पुत्राय विदमहे लोहितांगाय धीमहि-तन्नो भौम: प्रचोदयात

Beej mantra

ॐ ॐ अंगारकाय नम:।

Tantrik mantra

ऊँ हां हंस: खं ख:

ऊँ हूं श्रीं मंगलाय नम:

ऊँ क्रां क्रीं क्रौं स: भौमाय नम:

Remedial Measures for Mars -:

Remedial Measures for Mars -:

  • Red flowers should be offered in running streams.
  • Eat Jaggery and pulses and offer sweets in flowing water on Tuesday.
  • Mix sugar and jiggery in flour and bake them. Offer this sweet and chapatti`s to cow on Tuesdays.
  • Wear rudraksha beads tightened in copper wire.
  • Offer water on shiva linga.
  • Recite hanuman chalisa or lord shiva chalisa or rudrashtkam daily.
  • Offer lights in Hanuman temple and recite bajrangbaan there only.
  • Fast on Tuesdays and Saturdays for a year or for 21 or 45 Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Red coral is the stone for Mars and can be worn if Mars is debilitated in a horoscope or it is benefic in nature for the ascendant. Otherwise one can wear Jasper, red garnet, red pearl as substones Protection Status