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Effect of rahu in Scorpio or eighth House

Rahu is probably the most dreaded planet of all and the irony is that it is not even a planet but a mere shadow. It is associated with many things and people interpret its results variedly. No two astrologers will be giving the same prediction usually for the same placement of Rahu or Ketu. I am going to talk about the placement of rahu and ketu with respect to the horoscope of time i.e. kaalpurusha's horoscope where Aries will fall in the first sign, Taurus in second and so on. One can correlate with his natal chart the effects of these two in his horoscope in houses and signs.

Rahu in Scorpio will make Ketu in Taurus. The native does pay heed to his inner instincts and is a person based on his will power. The native loves and almost is obsessed with his personal belongings material and others. The native faces issues in business partnerships and intimate ones too because of his mindset. The native does not loosen his grasp on things and persons around him. The native expects others to be like him and always tell that the native is right and others are wrong. The native wants security in all his deeds and relations but is not ready to cooperate. The native is not free minded and thus suffers in his life. Protection Status