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Effect of rahu in Leo or fifth house

Rahu is probably the most dreaded planet of all and the irony is that it is not even a planet but a mere shadow. It is associated with many things and people interpret its results variedly. No two astrologers will be giving the same prediction usually for the same placement of Rahu or Ketu. I am going to talk about the placement of rahu and ketu with respect to the horoscope of time i.e. kaalpurusha's horoscope where Aries will fall in the first sign, Taurus in second and so on. One can correlate with his natal chart the effects of these two in his horoscope in houses and signs.

When Rahu will be in Leo, Ketu will be in Aquarius. The native trusts people who may later betray him. The native is mostly careless and suffers due to it. The native depends upon others to a great extent. He fears taking risks and is impatient at the same time. The native cares more than usual about what others may think of him. The native is somewhat rude in his approach with others.  The native has swings of religion and may be a staunch worshipper at times and ill doer at times. The native may invite trouble by getting involved in other's matters which do not require any third party intervention. Protection Status