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Natal effect of Sun in signs

Sun in Aries
Sun is in Aries makes one very energetic and athletic. The native is bit egoistic and likes natives of opposite sex in excess. The native is usually short tempered and likes to dominate others. By default he thinks that he is the best of the lot.  They are clever and very ambitious. They may...   read more
Sun in Taurus
Natives with Taurus sun are often seen to hate women to some or great extent. They are amicable people and usually good natured too but they often have bursts of feelings in them. They like to be self dependent. They may have dental problems, problems on face like acne, pimples etc. They are usua...   read more
Sun in Gemini
When Sun occupies Gemini sign at time of birth it makes one clever, talkative, researcher, mathematician, astrologer etc. The native has an in depth urge to express and present himself. They like history as a subject and also they like to collects and share with all the information they have gath...   read more
Sun in Cancer
Natives having Sun in Cancer at the time of birth are very protective people. They like to be secure and avoid sudden changes. They have problems related to “kapha” in their body. They like to keep record of history. They want to be active in public. They do not share their inner self...   read more
Sun in Leo
When Sun occupies Leo, its own sign, the native gets a royal touch in his personality. They like to wander in the jungles is possible otherwise where ever they can. They are dignified people and do many acts of charity and nobleness in their life. They can be very arrogant people...   read more
Sun in Virgo
The native is talkative and mostly they are useless things they talk about. They are good in writing and have a weak physique. They like to gain knowledge and share it. They are usually happy and contented people. They have gradual progress in life. Such people are reserved when meeting a new per...   read more
Sun in Libra
The native may have a weak physique and mentality if Sun is in Libra and it is the ascendant too. They are cool people but can create havoc due to the way they approach things and people. They are always confused and thus they end up getting nothing or very less or the opposite at times of what t...   read more
Sun in Scorpio
In this position of Sun the native becomes very determined person and they do whatever they can to accomplish their tasks. One cannot make them commit something easily is another matter. They are people who are in the want of power even if it is from the back of the stage. They desire complete au...   read more
Sun in Sagittarius
These natives are very amicable, straightforward, restless and cheerful. They love freedom and do not like fixed or routine life. The gel equally with native of both sex. They have friends from all walks of life.  They get angry soon but forget soon. They are very optimistic people and may t...   read more
Sun in Capricorn
These natives with Sun in Capricorn are very practical persons and they know how to make things happen or get done. They do not get swayed away in emotions instead keep trying to do their things. They do not want to waste time in things which do not affect them and are not worth. They want to do ...   read more
Sun in Aquarius
Those born with Sun in Aquarius have a tendency to do things out of the line. They do not want to follow the track used earlier by others. They have volatile minds and do not accept the common ways.  They are very rigid in their opinions and can be very stubborn. They are usually liked by ot...   read more
Sun in Pisces
The last of zodiac, when Sun is present in this sign of horoscope of a native it makes one self contained personality. They can identify with everyone under the Sun and are very adaptable and changeable. They have very good understanding and accepting minds. They are usually in a state of discont...   read more