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Natal effect of Mercury in signs

Mercury in Aries
People with Mercury in Aries decide things very fast. They do it to appease themselves. They can be termed crude by others because they are very straightforward. When people don’t accept what they want to convey then better be ready for an aggressive tone or a fight even. These natives love...   read more
Mercury in Taurus
Natives with Mercury in Taurus are people who decide things after a lot of consideration and thinking pros and cons deeply. When they decide something then make sure to complete it. One may have to push them initially but things which are undertaken by them will be fulfilled surely.  They re...   read more
Mercury in Gemini
People with Mercury in Gemini are very quick witted and smart.  They will have some or other knowledge about many things and can prove to a very good resource to gain facts about things and people at large. Their mental process seems to working faster than others all the time and they come u...   read more
Mercury in Cancer
People with Mercury in Cancer are somewhat emotional in their approach. They form opinions and ideas about things and people quite fast but are usually reluctant initially in making a relationship with someone. They try to ge...   read more
Mercury in Leo
These people try to impress people and make their space in a crowd using their knowledge and way of speaking. They many times ignore the small things in any matter in order to see the big picture. They persuade people on their goodwill. They sometimes are very addictive of their own opinions and ...   read more
Mercury in Virgo
These natives like to keep a low profile but they do feel good when someone appreciates them or their brain power. They like things to be in order and feel bad when they are not. They are very good organizers, planners in short term duration. They work best when they already know their tasks, sud...   read more
Mercury in Libra
When Mercury is in Libra at time of birth, it gives a mentality in the native to seek equality intellectually. They want to have mental affinity above all. And this tends to be their drawback too because they always try to win in talks and this leads to nowhere usually. They finally end up starti...   read more
Mercury in Scorpio
They want to know things as they are. They want to know the reality behind everything and fact. They can go to negative extremes also to find the truth behind anything or event. They can make any one angry by their approach towards things. They are passionate people and it come alive in their tal...   read more
Mercury in Sagittarius
These native always look for freedom in everything they do or think. Usually they are positive and have a open bent of mind. They want well usually and have big ideas. They always look to gain knowledge and their demand for knowledge is always on. They defend freedom and justice very seriously. T...   read more
Mercury in Capricorn
People who have Mercury placed in Capricorn like to break information into pieces and work on each one by one. They are usually slow in writing and are very methodical in doing things. They like things in order.  They like doing things which can yield measurable results. They feel bad when p...   read more
Mercury in Aquarius
These natives like to have intellectual conversations. They like to tell flaws of others and enjoy it many times. They are winners of debates on intellectual issues. They sometimes force their ideas on others. They somehow feel that they are superior to others. They are also a very delightful com...   read more
Mercury in Pisces
These people are good communicators. The style is warm and pleasing. They may get poetic too in their talks. These people like to feel their surroundings and environment. They try to make out the emotional meaning out of everything. They are good listeners too. They go through mood swings and som...   read more