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Natal effect of Jupiter in signs

Jupiter in Aries
People with Jupiter in Aries have a tendency to take the lead in things coming their way and also they inspire others to do so and make life more worthy than now. Such natives may feel very bad if someone disagrees with them because they believe in their thought process very strongly. The native ...   read more
Jupiter in Taurus
People with this placement of Jupiter are many times very self centered. They may eat too much or may be fond of good dining. They are practical people and get motivated when they see something measurable coming out from their efforts. They do not take big risks and are more on the safer side alw...   read more
Jupiter in Gemini
To become successful natives who have Jupiter in Gemini should use their wit and   presence of mind. They are usually very inquisitive because they want answers to so many questions coming in their minds always. These natives are usually very open-minded and impartial in their approach ...   read more
Jupiter in Cancer
People with this placement of Jupiter are believers. They are very sympathetic and compassionate people but have a lot of false egos in them. This can become a big hurdle for these natives.  They can do well in food processing and real estate sectors. They are bestowed good life mostly if ot...   read more
Jupiter in Leo
People with this placement of Jupiter have enlarged ego and self vision. They are generous people and very enterprising with others. They do not show their ego but they do have it a lot in them. They are very sincere people and carry themselves with dignity. Creativity, entertainment, recreation ...   read more
Jupiter in Virgo
People with Jupiter placed in Virgo are very good for Service industry, Food and health industry. They are usually very practical and honest. Orderly in their day to day life they always look for perfection in things they do. They do not take impulsive risks. You like to have clarity in everythin...   read more
Jupiter in Libra
People with this placement of Jupiter are very good in balancing things out or mediating in deals. They can be very accommodating and can bend a lot just to make things work for them. These natives see many sides of an argument and have a very strong moral sense developed in them. They are usuall...   read more
Jupiter in Scorpio
People who have Jupiter in this sign of Mars are very dedicated, focused, and aggressive inside. They possess and better sixth sense than others use it to decide about things and people.  You like to be of help to others and it inspires you to do more. You are good in handling money and have...   read more
Jupiter in Sagittarius
Natives with this placement of Jupiter are often lucky. They can do well in trades related to travel, Education, sports, publishing and cultures. They are very enthusiastic people.  They sometimes miss the big picture and this can be a drawback for their careers. Such natives can have a inne...   read more
Jupiter in Capricorn
Natives who have this placement of Jupiter do their things in an organized fashion. They will follow a system which will be most likely created by them only. They like to take steps after considerable consideration and so they can be termed as slow. They look forward to have a secured future and ...   read more
Jupiter in Aquarius
People having Jupiter in this sign are usually very fair in their dealings. They look for equality and are good to talk with natives of all kinds in the society. They will always look for freedom and will be equally happy to allow freedom to others. They are impartial and cooperative with one and...   read more
Jupiter in Pisces
These natives are soft hearted people. They are genuinely generous and have tender feelings. They feel a lot instead of doing a lot. They will have faith in supreme power and will always use their intuition to think about events and people. They like to help people by their emotions if nothing el...   read more