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Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone

Red Coral Stone is also known as Moonga in Hindi. This is the stone for Mars. If you wear Red Coral then it defiantly protect you by malefic effects of Mars. It is known as protective stone because it protects humans from many diseases and problems.

Astrological Benefits of Red Coral:

This is the best stone for lazy people. It is like source of energy for those who moves hardly. By the effect of this Gemstone wearer become active and sincere about his work.
Anyone have Mangalik Dosha in Birth Chart should wear Red Coral. It decreases the effect of MangaliK Dosha.
Women’s suffering from Anemia, Irregular Menstruation cycle and blood pressure should wear Red Coral to cure these diseases.

Red Coral is the gemstone of planet Mars so one who wear Red Coral Gemstone will full of self-confidence and enemies never overcome to him.
Person working in Armed forces, Chemical, Heavy Automobile and Arms Industry can wear Red Coral for uplift there career.

How to wear Red Coral Gemstone :

Red Coral is Gemstone of Mars so the best day to wear this Gemstone is Tuesday. Gold is the best metal for Red Coral Gemstone but if you can't afford Gold then you can wear this with copper or mixed silver withsome amount of Gold. You can wear this in Index, Middle or Ring finger. Protection Status