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Moonga Hanuman (Coral)

What is Moonga Hanuman ?

Moonga Hanuman is established in order to gain power and courage. It is an orange colored idol containing the blessings and strength of Lord Hanuman.

Moonga Hanuman Benefits -

  • Moonga Hanuman helps in mitigating the malefic effects of Saturn and Mars.
  • It connects you with Lord Hanuman and bring his blessings.
  • It helps in removing financial losses and problems.
  • Moonga Hanuman brings self confidence and self esteem.

Moonga Hanuman Use ?

You can place it on your cash counter or temple. Moonga Hanuman can also be place/worn as a gemstone.

Why purchase from us ?

Moonga Hanuman is energized by our renonwed panditiji. Fully energized and purified Moonga Hanuman will prove to be lucky for you. Buy Moonga Hanuman online and you will definitely see a change.

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