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Transit of Retrograde Saturn in Scorpio – 21st June

Retrograde Saturn is going to enter Scorpio on 21st June.

Saturn is going to enter Scorpio on 21st June and it is going to be there till 26th of October and then it will again come back to Sagittarius.

Let us see what possible effects it can give to the natives, on 25th August it will be turning direct. In all this period it is going to be in Jyestha 4th quarter and in the sub of Saturn and then Jupiter. After getting direct it will again come back into these star and subs.

The effect on all the 12 ascendant natives would be:

The general effects on the 12 ascendants will be as follows, if you are going through the dasha of the planet then the effect will be more prominent.

1) Aries

Work related problems will occur. There will be a sudden break on ongoing projects. Many of you may feel sort of cheated by fate itself. Your approved funds may get delayed.

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2) Taurus

Luck will favour till some days, business people will have more benefits than working class. You will become lethargic and irritating. You will try to postpone things knowingly.

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3) Gemini

Luck will not be by your side. Be careful when you are out of your house and doing rash things. You may get defamed due to your own acts. You may be promoted in place of someone else.

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4) Cancer

There can be some fevers to your offspring. There will be losses in stocks and lotteries. You may get cheated in love matters. Married life will be disturbed.

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5) Leo

You will have problems related to your immovable assets. You will have slower performance at your work sphere. You will be getting angry and irritated sooner than usual. You may not trust people easily.

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6) Virgo

You will experience insomnia for a while, your dreams will be not good, and horrific things you may see in your dreams. You will be more quarrelsome with your neighbours and close associates and will try to dominate them.

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7) Libra

You will be interested in making more money but will not be successful in it. You may earn through your immovable assets. You may lose money due to your relatives.

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8) Scorpio

You may have some dispute with your younger siblings. There can be some losses in short travels. You will get irritated soon. There can be quarrels at your work place.

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9) Sagittarius

Your expenses will be on the rise. You will have insomnia. You will be having stale food from time to time. Your spinal cord will give you trouble.

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10) Capricorn

Your friends may not keep their promises. You may have to bite dust at the last moment. You will spend on your friends. You will see things cancelling at the last moment.

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11) Aquarius

Work related issues will be coming up. You will be more lethargic and delaying in completing your assignments. You will have problems in your personal life. Your sexual health may suffer.

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12) Pisces

Fate will be not with you. You will have issues in your family. You may not have good relations with your father. Your performance may not be good in higher education. You may get interested in some other religion.

By Acharya Raman

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Transit of Retrograde Saturn in Scorpio – 21st June
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