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Shukra Mekhla Ring

Shukra Mekhla Ring

It is believed that Venus is the Guru of demons but in the end he is Guru and a Guru never teaches wrong things to his disciples.

2950/- 3850
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Gemstone Name :Firoza + Opal + Amethsyt
Weight :5.5 Ratti
Metal:Panch Dhatu
Certification :JGL Certification
Energization :By Pandit Suraj Shastri

It is believed that Venus is the Guru of demons but in the end he is Guru and a Guru never teaches wrong things to his disciples.

There are many myths related to Venus and it is very difficult to clear doubts when there si too much of confusion.

Venus is the prime governor and controller of sex power and sex desires in males. It is impossible to have a progeny without Venus. It is the power of Venus which gives satisfaction to females in their play.

Venus is also significator of with and humor in humans. It makes one remain tension free even in worst times.

What's So special about this Ring:

  • This ring is mixture of Arabic Firoza, Fine Opal and amethyst. These stones are chanted upon by the mantras of Kaamdeva, Venus, and Saturn.
  • Saturn is an eternal friend of Venus and it will protect the wearer from all kinds of evil eye.
  • The wearer will feel the power of Venus after wearing this ring and he will definitely be happier in his married life. He will enjoy the company of his partner and will also attract the love which is wants.
  • The wearer of this ring will be blessed with fulfillment of his wishes by Venus.

Who can wear:

Any person who feels that he has many tensions in his life and he may be lacking in making his married life happier, can wear this ring.

How to wear:

After you get this ring, keep it in a safe place. Married people should wear this ring on a Friday morning after getting fresh and having bath.

They should go to their pooja room with partner and do dhyana of Goddess Kamakhya and wear this ring. You should give incense and take a round of home with that incense fragrance.

Unmarried people should wear this ring/ locket in night thinking and their beloved and doing dhyaana of Goddess Kamakhya. After this give incense and scents to Goddess.

Both of you should put this ring in a copper vessel and pour clean water on it and add three teaspoon milk, honey in the morning and drink it.

Why buy from us:

This ring is chanted upon by the mantras of Venus and Kaamdeva. The video is also shooted for the same and is uploaded on our YouTube channel.

This ring/locket if chanted upon as per the strict Vedic process and after that only this is sent to you.

2950/- 3850


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