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Shiv Rudraksha Mala

Shiv Rudraksha Mala

Shiv Rudraksha Rosary or mala is a panacea for all your problems.

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Beads:Rudraksha + Volcano Ash + Polka Beads
Rudraksha Beads:5 Mukhi (~16mm 2 Nepali Beads) + 7 Mukhi (17mm 1 Nepali Beads)
Volcano Ash:~6 mm 80 Beads
Polka Beads:~6mm Silver Plated 4 Beads
Mala Size:~16 inch

Shiv Rudraksha Rosary or mala is a panacea for all your problems.

This rosary contains beads of volcano ash and one seven faceted rudraskha and two five faceted rudraksha.

Shiv Rudraksha Mala:

The entire world knows that rudraksha is the embodiment of Lord Shiva on planet earth.

Volcano ash contains a lot of minerals which are very useful not only for health but they have psychic importance too.

This rosary is chanted upon by the beneficial mantras of Lord Shiva and tantric mantras of Kaal Bhairava. This is chanted by our panditji with your name to give you utmost benefit.

Many Benefits of this Rosary are:

  • Protection from evil eye
  • To attain wealth and prosperity
  • To attain peace of mind
  • To get more physical and mental pleasure in married life.

How to wear:

After you get this rosary, keep it in a clean place in your home. On a Saturday or a Tuesday, after you do your daily chores and go for your pooja, take this rosary with you and splash Ganges water on it.

Bow down in front of lord Shiva and pray for your well being and wear this rosary.

Money Back Guarantee:

We give you money back guarantee for this rosary. If in 90 days after wearing it you do not get betterment in your life then we will issue the refund.

You can send it back to us and we will be refunding you the amount less abhimantran and courier charges.

Of course, it comes without saying that the rosary should be in a good condition. Although once we chant mantras with your name, it remains of no use for anyone else.

We are sure that our sincere efforts will not go in vain and you will be surely benefited by this rosary.



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प्राकृतिक और लाभकारी

Pawan Kumar

जबसे मैंने ये शिव रुद्राक्ष माला पहनी है, मुझे अत्यंत शांति का अनुभव हुआ है| पहले मैं बहुत परेशान रहता था, लेकिन अब जीवन बहुत सही चल रहा है| ये रुद्राक्ष एक दम original और लाभकारी है| धन्यवाद AstroVidhi Protection Status