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Parad Shivling

Rs. 1940.00
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According to ancient shrutis, Parad used to considered as the sperm of Lord Shiva. The punya or the good fruits which one gets after donating thousands of cows or lacs of gold coins is nothing in front of just having a sight of parad shivalinga.

One who worships the parad shivalingam never sees poverty in his life and always wins over his enemies. He begets many sons and finally gets a place in the shivaloka after his death.

Parad shivalinga is manifestation of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati on earth. It is considered very auspiscious. It brings positivity in life.

Benefits of Parad Shivalingam

- The native begets the wealth and properity he has been asking for

-It is a very good remedy of kaal sarpa and mangal dosha in the individual horoscope of the native

- One can win over his ego, anger and anxiety by worshipping this parad shivalingam

Why Buy from us:

The Vedic Brahmins of AstroVidhi chant the Lord Shiva mantra thousand and eight times to energize it and only after that it is sent to you. Only then it gives you the full benefits. 


Rs. 1940.00