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Mahalingam Locket

Rs. 1500.00
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Maha Lingam locket is a symbol of sexuality and potent male energy. According to astrologers, the Maha Lingam stone has been sacred for thousands of year and embedded with mysterious blessings of Lord Shiva.

Wearing Maha Lingam gemstone is the simplest and the easiest way to keep the blessings of Lord Shiva around you. The stone facilitates the opposite attraction and beneficial for sexual healing.

Sexual abuse is something that broke you down physically and mentally.  The wounds don’t get healed easily. If you’re one of them, then wearing Maha Lingam will heal your mental and physical wounds. It reinstates trust in male energy and in your own male qualities and can draw a sexual- healing partner to you. It is the perfect stone for enhancing sexual femininity and female power. The stone resonates with the energies of all elements – Earth, Air, Fire, water, stone.

Maha Lingam Locket is originated from the pages of the Hindu mythology. The Shiva is a powerful Hindu deity, also known as “The Destroyer”. The Maha Lingam Locket is an abstract representation of the Hindu deity. You may be heard, that wearing mysterious lord Shiva’s Rudraksha will dispel evil spirits away from you and provide you wisdom, wealth and good luck.

The Maha Lingam locket will open a gateway of imminent golden opportunities and enhances your sexual power.

The human body is made up of 7 chakras, people believed that wearing a Maha Lingam locket around your neck will activate the base and sacral chakra.

Rs. 1500.00