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Kali Haldi - 7 Pcs

Rs. 1150.00
Delivery: Within 3 - 4 Business Days
Free Shipping: All over India and USA

What is Kali Haldi ?

Kali Haldi is considered the most important product to appease Goddess Mahalaxmi. It is the best remedy to attract wealth and money.

Benefits of Kali Haldi–

  • Kali Haldi is not used for eating but worshiping.
  • Enhances your wealth and property.
  • It Increase income sources.
  • Wherever you place it, it will bring prosperity.

How to use Kali Haldi?

Before placing Kali Haldi, meditate for some time. Pray to Goddess Mahalaxmi and take his blessings.

Why purchase from us ?

It is energized by our esteemed panditiji. Fully energized and purified Kali Haldi without any crack will work best from rest. Buy Kali Haldi online and you will definitely see a change.

Rs. 1150.00