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Emerald Ring


Emerald Ring is good for Virgo people. Emerald is related to Planet Budh or Mercury.

Benefits of Emerald Ring:

  • Children’s weak in studies should wear an Emerald Gemstone because it helps in increasing concentration.
  • Teachers and professors of commerce and mathematics should wear this gemstone to attain benefits.
  • If someone is ailing due to chronic disease in your house, then this gem will eradicate all health problems. This gemstone bestows you with sound health.
  • It is said that the house with emerald is blessed with prosperity and riches. It is helpful in making eyesight sharper.
  • In the precious stone trading, this gemstone is said to be best amongst others for attaining wealth.

Who Can Wear This Ring:

Natives of Virgo Sign can wear this ring.

Who are natives of Virgo Sign:

If you are born between 21st August to 20th September or your name starts with टो, पा, पी, पू, ष, ण, ठ, पे, पो then you are a native of Libra sign.

Why buy from us:

This ring is energized by Acharya Raman and comes with the certificate or originality.

For any further queries feel free to call 8285282851.


Stone Weight:5.25 Ratti
Certification:VEGGA Jaipur
Metal:Panch Dhatu
Ring Weight:3.5 to 5 Gms.
Ring Size:Adjustable (Free Size)

Delivery Details

Delivery: Within 3 - 4 Business Days
Free Shipping: All over India and USA
Order on Call: 82852 82851
Energization:This Remedy is Energized by Pd. Suraj Shastri.


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