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Blue Sapphire

What is Blue Sapphire:

In Vedic Astrology, Blue Sapphire is the stone for planet Saturn. This Stone is also known as Neelam Stone. Anyone having malefic Saturn in Birth Chart can wear Blue Sapphire. It is well known blue sapphire that it instantly affects either positively or negatively.

How to wear Blue Sapphire: 

If your every decision goes wrong and you are unable to perform as per your expectation, then Blue Sapphire Gemstone is the right gemstone for you.

Saturn is the planet of justice and it is said that Saturn never gives malefic results to honest and laborious people, so if you are laborious and honest, wear Blue Sapphire Stone to get blessing of Saturn.

In office and any other place if other peoples want to dominate over you and not allow you to do anything positive so you should wear Blue Sapphire Gemstone.

Positive effect of Blue Sapphire Gemstone makes you intelligent.

How to wear Blue Sapphire:

To get maximum from Blue Sapphire stone or Neelam Stone, you should have to wear this on Saturday. Use panchdhatu (five metal) or Steel to wear Neelam Stone (Blue Sapphire Stone). The minimum weight of Blue Sapphire Stone will be 4 Ratti which is approx. 3.75 Carat. Protection Status