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Justin Bieber Birth Horoscope Analysis 2017

Justin Bieber was born on 1 March 1994; London Ontario in Canada at 00:56 am as per the reports on internet. Below is his horoscope. Justin Bieber came to light in 2009 after a producer noted his songs on your tube and gave him a chance. He was born in chitra-3 with moon in Libra. His ascendant is Scorpio. Libra is an airy sign and Scorpio has produced many singers and musicians.

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Justin Bieber Birth Horoscope Analysis 2017

In Rahu dasa Venus antara Justin Bieber started to become popular and jumped to the fame he is enjoying now. Teenage heart throb is what Justin Bieber was called at a time and may be still it is so. Rahu is in sign of Mars, aspected by Saturn and in star of Saturn again. Thus he is a very strong agent of Saturn which is a very good significator of houses 3 and 4 and posited in star of Rahu. Thus there is an interchange of stars between rahu and Saturn making the cycle of 1, 3, and 4.

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His 10th house is aspected by four planets Saturn, Venus, Sun and Mars. His Jupiter dasa is on now and Jupiter signifies houses 2,5,12 in his horoscope. Justin bieber horoscope says that Jupiter is in own star and sub in this chart which makes Jupiter the most powerful planet for him. Jupiter is also making the gajkesari yoga for him but has no strength. Justin Bieber Jupiter dasa will go on till 04-03-2031 and in this period he is going to do a lot of experiments with his life and he may also try to commit suicide just like his mother tried, I do not know the reason why but his chart does says that.

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Justin Bieber  may later change his profession and may try many things for success. Till 04-011-2019 the period may not be as good for him as expected by him or his fans but later things will get better for him. Some health hazard can come in the year 2022-23. Justin Bieber Horoscope says that he will be a person with entirely different personality in the time to come and singing will not be his all time profession.

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Year 2017 will have influence of Jupiter over his 11th house and then 12th house and also Saturn will be transiting in his second house. he may flash in the media for wrong reasons this year and after September there may be incidents which will dent his fame and reputation.

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