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Learn How to Read Your Natal Chart – 5 Simple Steps with Details

Learning how to read Natal Chart may sound complex but it’s actually not that tough. The stars have a lot in them. They have the potential to show us the coming future. The horoscope is based upon these stars and movements of planets in signs etc. The effect of Saturn transit in a sign or effect of Jupiter transit in a sign all have their own significance.

Read Your Natal Chart

But there is more to it, one should know how this system actually works! What is a zodiac and what is the chemistry between signs and zodiac? A natal chart or birth chart is the key to understand all this.

How to Read Your Natal Chart

An analysis of this natal chart or birth chart provides the insights into many things including your personality types, hobbies, mentality, desires, motivations and depressions, and much more. I will tell you how you can also read your own natal chart and come to conclusion about things that matter to you.

How is astrology connected with stars in first place?

Mankind has always looked above when there was no answer to their questions below. Men in rock age too were trying to connect various patterns and they were able to figure out what is happening because of what.

Falling comets, eclipses, various recurring patterns were all connected by them. They made groups of stars and named them and called them constellations. The fixed bodies were termed as planets and divided the entire zodiac into twelve equal signs. Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn were discovered.

How is astrology connected with stars in first place

Babylonians created the zodiac and named each zodiac in the largest constellation it contained. They observed that the movement of planets was connected with good and bad events of the life of mankind and entire nature itself.

Romans followed the same pattern and they expanded the roles of stars and planets in astrology. This was the probable time when astrology was born based on folklore and sincere observations. This was the beginning of astrology.

For ages, astrology was considered very important in science, philosophy, medicine, magic. “Yatha Pinde Tatha Brahmande” was believed to be true.  Even today it is used but now it is used very extensively. Earlier it was used for mundane purposes more than personal ones but now it is used for day to day human queries.

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What do the planets tell?

The natal chart or the birth chart is the snapshot of the sky at the moment of your birth. The exact location of each planet, constellation, the sign is calculated and then the reader gives the prediction.

Significance of Planets in Vedic Astrology

Significance of Planets in Vedic Astrology

The Sun is our ego, soul, backbone, bone marrow, mental makeup, thought process and is the owner of the sign Leo. Leo is a fiery sign which is called the royal sign. Sun remains in one sign for 30 days i.e. it travels for 1 degree each day.

The Moon’s gravity functionalizes the climate and tides. Moon is our emotional self. It is what we are when we are alone and thinking about things. Moon decides what we will think. It rules over the watery sign Cancer which symbolizes nurture, comfort, and security. Moon is the fastest of all planets and takes roughly two and a half days to cross a sign.

The name Mercury was given in the name of a Roman deity which was the messenger of Gods. It symbolizes communication, wit, humour, logic, and rationality. It uses intellect, relentless curiosity to analyze data and facts. It rules over Gemini and Virgo which are both airy signs. It takes 13 to 14 days to cross a sign. It becomes retrograde three to four times a year.

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Venus – Beauty, love, richness are the things which are symbolized by this planet which is named after Roman Goddess. It represents luxurious lifestyle; costly wines, costly cars, everything which need very deep pockets is Venus significations. It is a benefic planet in astrology. Art, Culture, romance, sensuality, are all traits of Venus. It rules Taurus and Libra. Taurus is the physical expression of Venus while Libra is mental. It takes four to five weeks to cross a sign and is retrograde after every 18 months.

Mars is the warrior. It is the name of Roman God of war. It represents aggression, domination, action, determination. It is the adrenalin which makes us move and do things fast and faster. It is our lust, physical body to body cravings and desires. It rules over Aries and Scorpio and takes 6 to 7 weeks to cover a sign. It goes retrograde every second year like it was retrograde in 2017 and now it will be in 2019.

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Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. In traditional astrology is it considered to be a great benefit but the reality is a bit different. It symbolizes fortune, philosophy, expansion, abundance and more. It rules over Sagittarius and Pisces and takes 12 to 13 months and remains retrograde for 120 days.

Saturn is supposed to be the Punisher. It gives fruits of our karmas. It represents hard work, penury, distress, depression, ruthlessness, and harshness. Saturn wants to apply the rule of law and divine. It does not like people doing things haywire and punishes them when the right time comes. It rules Capricorn and Aquarius and takes almost two and a half years to complete a sign. It remains retrograde for 140 days a year.

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How to Read Natal Chart?

How to Read Natal Chart

  1. The inner planets are having more influence on our day to day lives, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus are the inner planets which impact our day to day life.
  2. The planets on the other side are referred as outer planets which are Jupiter and Saturn. They represent larger things of life and experiences.
  3. A birth chart is divided into twelve parts. These parts are called houses.
  4. Each house is dedicated to a function of life and more also. The placement of planets in these houses tells our strength and weaknesses.
  5. Try your own chart and see where the planets are posited in signs and houses.

How a planet will behave in a sign of same nature or different nature. Which area of life is it going to affect? Which star is occupied by the planet? So the interpretation will be planet + sign + house + star = result.

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For example a fiery planet in the watery sign will lose its fire and become dull. That area of life will be your weak point.

The ascendant:

The sign rising in the eastern horizon at the time of your birth is your birth ascendant. All other houses are determined with respect to your birth ascendant. It is the sign which determines our brain and external life. How we will react to things and people. How we will face tough situations. It is the mask which you wear in public.

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If you want to become a professional in astrology or just want to have it as a hobby, understanding your birth chart, planets, signs, houses can unravel the depths of your birth chart.

After a lot of experimentation with your chart and the charts of people around you, you will be able to interpret the birth chart in a better way and later you can take it as a profession also.

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