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Jupiter Transit 2018: Jupiter Transit in Scorpio’s effects on Zodiac Signs

Learn how Jupiter Transit 2018 in Scorpio will affect all Zodiac signs. Know if this transit will be helpful for you or not. This Jupiter Transit 2018 Vedic Astrology report will help you know all sort of effects.

The benefic planet Jupiter will be transiting to the sign Scorpio in 2018 on 11th October. Scorpio is a fixed sign and is ruled by Mars. Jupiter will be transiting in the stars of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury. So, these are the Jupiter Transit 2018 dates.

Jupiter Transit in Scorpios effects on Zodiac Signs

Jupiter Transit 2018 Predictions

The transit of Jupiter is seen by astrologers worldwide because it gives long term effects on not only humans but on the world at large. If you need customized and personal report, then check our Jupiter Transit product.

Jupiter Transit Report

Scorpio is a sign which is considered to be a malefic sign of Mars and denotes negativity. The effect of this transit on people will be as follows:

Effect on ARIES

There will be obstacles on all ends. You will not get full support of luck. You will be facing defamation. Luck will not let you progress in your career and health issues will be cropping up. You may suffer from the problem of piles, intestinal blockages, chemical imbalance in the body, and pimples.

2018 Jupiter Transit in Scorpio Effect on Aries Zodiac

  • Those who are doing research work will be highly benefited. Those into occult sciences will be having success in their efforts.
  • Black magicians will be getting a lot of work in this transit. Geologists, Nuclear Scientists may come up with some new invention.
  • When it will be in the star of Saturn, it will give good results and also in the star of mercury things will be good.
  • Your efforts will start yielding results after this change over to Saturn star. Luck will give you happiness and success will be there for you.
  • Legal matters will be favorable, travels will be fruitful, and those into composing, writing work will have success.

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Jupiter Transit 2018 effect on Aries – You may develop a secret relationship with native of other religion or cast. You may get inheritance and sudden gains through lottery or policies. You will make friends with people of other countries or religion. You will do religious deeds and charities. Change of job is another aspect of this transit which may happen. Do not change your job until unless you have a written confirmation for the same.

Jupiter Transit 2018 Effect on TAURUS

There will be problems in married life. You may develop an extramarital relationship. You will be having suspicious attitude. The benefic Jupiter rules the 8th house and in its own star it will make you more circumspect rather than benevolent. Business people will have to bear losses initially and they will get benefit very late.

2018 Jupiter Transit in Scorpio Effect on Taurus Zodiac

  • You will have obstacles in your career path. There will be gain of weight. Avoid fatty foods and junk foods. Take care of your liver and pancreas.
  • You will have mixed results in this Jupiter transit 2018.
  • In the star of Saturn, things will get only worse because Saturn is in your 8th bhava.
  • Married life will be disturbed to the core, health issues will be giving you lot of problems. You will be having failures in your efforts.
  • You will try a lot but will not be able to beat your competitors if you are into business.
  • Students may not clear their exams and in competitive exams there is failure likely to happen. Your close friends may cheat you, backstab you.

Jupiter Transit 2018 effect on Taurus – It will be wise to ride slowly and cautiously in this transit till these two stars but when Jupiter will be in the star of mercury, it will give you blessings of love, money, and health. There will be help from relatives and your relation with family members will get better. Love matters will progress positively and heart will be happy due to it.

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This Jupiter transit in Scorpio 2018 will be finally positive for you in the end.

The main thing is that you should refrain from junk foods and take care of your health. If health is ok then you can do many other things.

Effect on GEMINI

Jupiter placed in the sixth house will be a boon for you, it rules your 10th house and 7th house, as far as the ruler ship of 7th house is concerned it will not be good but as the owner of 10th bhava this Jupiter transit in Scorpio 2018 will be beneficial for you.

2018 Jupiter Transit in Scorpio Effect on Gemini Zodiac

  • You will get a chance to get a better job and your career path will be progressive. Your married life will be disturbed and there can be temporary separation from the spouse. Legal proceedings may also occur.
  • You may face some allegations in your job. If you are into government service then you should remain cautious.  Try to be more accommodating and less possessive about your spouse and don’t be skeptic.
  • In the star of Saturn, it will be giving you failures. You will be facing lack of luck. Your efforts will not be productive. You will be having health issues and other problems.
  • Your friends will move ahead and you may lag behind, whether it is work, business, studies etc.
  • You will have long travels to do regarding your job or business but they may not be so fruitful. You will have differences with your father or other elders in the family.

Jupiter Transit 2018 effect on Gemini – In the star of Mercury it is going to make you a debtor. You may borrow money to renovate your home or office; there will be health related problems as Jupiter is the maraka and badhaka planet for you. Your mother`s health may not remain good for some time. You may have respiratory disorders. There can be theft in your home. You will be able to win over your enemies after long debacle.

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Effect on CANCER Zodiac

You will have ups and downs in your love affairs. If married then having an extramarital relationship is likely. Travel to religious places is possible and you may do many long journeys in this transit. Travel abroad is possible.

2018 Jupiter Transit in Scorpio Effect on Cancer Zodiac

  • There will be lot of fun and frolic in this time and you will spend a lot of time in entertainment.
  • Your devotion towards almighty will increase. You may have gains from stocks for some time, do not make huge investments, and hold your greed.
  • You will face sudden problems later, when Jupiter will be in the star of Saturn. There will be problems in your romantic life, your personal life will get disturbed.
  • You will have to bear the wrath of Saturn in every aspect. You may get afflicted by evil spirits. There will be problems in your daily routines for n number of reasons and your spiritual progress will be hampered.
  • You will not be able to perform well in your creative talents. You will face minor to major health issues. There will be an increase in your expenses. Financial losses will be there. Your spouse may leave you for some time.

Jupiter Transit Report

Jupiter Transit 2018 effect on Cancer – In the star of Mercury Jupiter transit in Scorpio 2018 is going to give you a lot of expenditures and futile travels. People into media will be most affected and those who are into education system.

Love affairs will be seeing their end.

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You will have to make extra efforts to make things move. You will be doing lot of expenditure on travels. Hospitalization is also a possibility in this time.

Jupiter Transit 2018 Effect on LEO

Jupiter has occupied your 4th house. Your 8th, 10th, 12th houses will be aspected by this planet. Jupiter effectively gives results when it is placed in either fixed or movable sign. You will be having troubles in your love matters. You will not be able to understand your partner’s perspective and misunderstandings will arise.

2018 Jupiter Transit in Scorpio Effect on Leo Zodiac

  • Your daily routine will somewhat change towards irregularity. Some of you may have to bear the news of not getting any legacy.
  • There will be losses from stocks. Don’t try your luck in lotteries. There will be losses only.
  • You will get strange dreams and may get some visions of incidents which may turn out to be true.
  • You may see things before they actually happen. There will be expenses on hospitals and medicines. You may hear bad news this year.
  • When in the star of Saturn you will have problems of health. There will be marital discord and your partner will dominate you. Love matters will be dwindling from time to time.
  • Those who have taken money from you will not repay and will delay it. If you are looking for a loan then you will not get it easily.

Jupiter Transit 2018 effect on Leo – There will be unwanted delays. There will be relief from diseases but it will take more time than it should. You will have new business opportunities if you are into business, if you are into job then you may leave the current job and try for other. You may not get the next job easily.

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In Mercury star it will be bestowing all the goodness and you will forget the bad days. Mercury is to Leo what Jupiter is to Aquarius. You will invest in good things, buy costly things, gains from real estate will be there, and a better job will be waiting for you. You will have auspicious occasions in your family and friends. You will make new friends and there will be gain of money. New love relation is also possible. There will be overall growth in the family.

Jupiter Transit 2018 Effect on VIRGO

Jupiter is placed in the third house and it will be aspecting your 7th house, 9th house, 11th house. You may find your soul mate in this period. You will have to make many travels; there could be change of place in this time.

2018 Jupiter Transit in Scorpio Effect on Virgo Zodiac

  • You may shift to another accommodation.
  • You may purchase a new vehicle.
  • You will have good things happening in your married life. Love matters will be progressive. Your connect with masses will get better.
  • You will have enhanced communication. You may buy some new mobile phone, laptop, or other communication gadget.
  • There will be peace with your younger brothers and sisters. They will get to you to seek your help. You will have good relations with your neighbors.
  • You may do new partnerships in your business. There will be good things happening in your business and your business will progress further.
  • Legal matters will favor you.

Jupiter Transit 2018 effect on Virgo – In Saturn star it will bestow mixed results. You may have some issues in your love matters. You may suffer from bad health but will recover fast. You may get a loan or money from maternal relatives. You will be helped by strangers in time of need. You will have career enhancement. You may get a better paying job. You will have lots of entertainment, fun, and frolic in this period.

You may have problems in your love matters. If you will propose in this time then chances of no will be more than a yes. So be careful with this dimension of life. Marital life will be somewhat disturbed and there may be minor quarrels. There will be an undercurrent of dissatisfaction brewing in your married life.

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In mercury star there will be lot of responsibilities, loads of work will be there. You will have good relations with your juniors. There will be lot of travel done by you. You will be doing great things in your career. Your performance will suddenly improve and so will your official communication.

You will have enhanced wit and humor mixed in your day to day talks. Your self confidence and determination will increase. You will be more aggressive and dynamic in your approach towards solving problems. Those into media, printing, content writing,  performing arts, singers, are  going to enjoy a lot in this time.

Jupiter Transit Report

Effect on LIBRA Zodiac Sign

Another benefic year is here for you. Jupiter is going to give you new things and make your life pleasant. You will have good gains, there will be inflow of money, and your bank balance will surely on the rise. The negative aspect is that you will be spending most of it and it is likely that you may not be left with much of what you will accumulate so it is better to keep it all in your fixed deposits or at a place from where even you cannot take it out and spend.

2018 Jupiter Transit in Scorpio Effect on Libra Zodiac

You will have gains from your neighbors, your relatives and they will do it happily. You may do something for them and in return they will give you either money or costly things. You will get desired loan in this transit if you are seeking any. You will have addition in your family by child birth or marriage or you will make close friends in this time.

You may have diseases of intestine and due to rotten foods. Avoid such foods which may be contaminated and infected. Gain of weight is also another possibility in this time. You will have gains from your enemies too in this time.

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In star of Saturn, this Jupiter transit 2018 is going to give you a change of residence if you are living in a rented place. If you are into own house then you will have to spend on damages and repairs. You will be having many travels and mostly with friends and for enjoyments of all sorts. You will enjoy this time a lot. Your love matters will be going in the right direction. If single then you may find your love partner in this time.

  • You will be having many incidents of good things in your life. Your competitors will not be able to out compete you. Those into performing arts, occult etc will have a good time.
  • Your mother’s health may get worse in this time and is she aged then you should take proper care of her. Go to doctor even at slight instance. Do not ignore medication.
  • In star of mercury you will get divine blessings and tendency to shift towards spirituality and salvation.
  • You will gain through religion and religious activities. You may gain through helping people in need.
  • You will become popular and will be helping those who are in need. You will have divine support but health is one thing which may put you under observation in some hospital.

Jupiter Transit 2018 effect on Libra – You will gain from business of travel and tourism. If you are a tour operator then you will make money in good amounts in this time. You may indulge in extramarital affair during this period.

SCORPIO Zodiac Sign

This year and the year to come are going to be bliss for you. You will enjoy life a lot if you are going through the dasa of Jupiter, otherwise also there will be goodness to some extent. Your marital life will become smooth and there will be less frictions, this is the time to join home if you are separated from your spouse since long.

2018 Jupiter Transit in Scorpio Effect on Scorpio Zodiac

  • You will be having entry of new members in your family, if not this year then next year. The reason may be marriage or child birth. There will be new person coming in your life if you are single.
  • There will be progress in your love matters. You will have good things happening in your personal life. A pinch of ego will be there and it may cause problems. You will be getting egoistic unknowingly.
  • You will be eating fatty foods and there will gain o0f weight. It may lead to fatty liver and other such ailments and you will have to be careful with your eating habits.
  • In the star of Saturn things will be improving further. There will be gains from relatives. You will be making money from home itself. Those into real estate, vehicles, mines, geology, history, and lands will make good money.

You will have many travels and there will be improvement in your communication. You will make money by writing, blogging, you tubing etc. You will plan something big in this time and will try to implement it with full force. Some of you may also get inheritance and some of you may renounce it, it will depend on your natal horoscopes. Career of you mother will become very progressive and some health issues may also afflict her. She will get in touch with influential people and will manage things easily and cleverly.

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Jupiter Transit 2018 effect on Scorpio – In Mercury star you will be having good gains, there will be hidden monies coming to you. You will make new friends in this period. Your friends will prove to real ones and not cheats. They will help you in time of need. You will be having many things going in this time. Health is one part which may afflict you; there is possibility of defamation also if you are not in the path of righteousness. You may be framed for things you have not done. It will be depending upon your natal horoscope. Those who are into mining, occult, astrology, healing etc will make good name for themselves. This will be a good time to practice mantra siddhi, tantra siddhi etc.

How Jupiter Transit 2018 will affect SAGITTARIUS?

Only some phases of this transit will be beneficial for you people. You will be having problems on many fronts but there will be a divine guiding force trying to tell you the right thing to do.

2018 Jupiter Transit in Scorpio Effect on Saggitarius Zodiac

  • You will be going places and travelling a lot but uselessly. You may have to change your residence in this time. In this Jupiter transit in Scorpio you may have to move away from your native place.
  • Health and more of mental health will be giving you problems. You will be suffering from insomnia, bad dreams, past memories, dead known people coming in your dreams but you will also get flashes about your coming future and it will depend you how well you are able to understand the message of the future.
  • You will repent on your wrong doings and try to correct the mistakes you have committed. In a way this will be a self correcting phase through which Jupiter will take you. You will lose money in cheating, trust and in hospitalization.
  • In star of Saturn you will have financial losses, there will be fruitless travels. Your relation with your near and dear ones will get sour. You will not be able to fulfill your commitments.

Jupiter Transit Report

There is every possibility of facing defamation and losing the position you are holding. If you are into government job then chances of suspension are also ripe in this time. But you will be very determined and your determination will pave the way for your success in the time to come. You will not taste much of it this year but things will be moving ahead slowly. When Saturn is in the picture then things will always move slowly. In this period your literally skills will be honed up and if you are into a profession which requires such skills then you will enjoy this period.

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Jupiter Transit 2018 effect on Sagittarius – In Mercury star things will not be so complementing. Your marital life will get disturbed. You will be having misunderstanding and quarrels from time to time. There will be unpleasant atmosphere when you will come back home every day. You will start disliking your home and will try to pass the time more and more outside. If in job of business, failures and losses will greet you mainly.

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You will have to compromise in your work life or in business. Your fellow workers will move ahead of you and will perform well. You will be held behind. Your efforts will not be so productive and thus a feel of depression will creep in and non performance levels will increase further.

How Jupiter Transit 2018 will affect CAPRICORN?

A good person will always be a good person no matter how harsh responsibilities are given to him or her. Here Jupiter is the lord of the 12th house and as per parasara said that the planet owning the 12th house will give results of the other house owned by him. In this ascendant this hold very true.

2018 Jupiter Transit in Scorpio Effect on Capricorn Zodiac

  • You will have gains from your siblings, you will have to spend money on friends and entertain them to get your things done.
  • You will be having many favors from your elders. There will be unwanted expenses in this time and you will be exhausted at times. You may suffer from piles.
  • In star of Saturn things will be getting very bad for you. Jupiter will be signifying the 12th house very strongly. Thus expect losses, failures, suspicion, agony, anxiety in every field. Heavy losses are there for business people.
  • Career wise this will be a time of downfall. You may lose job or if looking for a job then you may not find a suitable one.
  • In Mercury star, things will change for good suddenly. All your problems will be cooling off and you will be o the right path.
  • You will be having new opportunities in your career, business people will have new alliances, and you will have gains coming from many sides.

Jupiter Transit 2018 effect on Capricorn – Thus this is the only period which will be fruitful so I advice that you wait till Jupiter enters the star of Mercury and then only you start to plan big things. This will be the best phase in every aspect of your life.

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How Jupiter Transit 2018 will affect AQUARIUS?

Jupiter is to Aquarius what Mercury is to Leo. It is the owner of 2nd and 11th house, the most important houses in a horoscope, if other things are correct. This Jupiter is transiting in the 10th house of karma, profession, popularity, social status.

2018 Jupiter Transit in Scorpio Effect on Aquarius Zodiac

  • Surely it is going to give you many things depending upon your natal chart and if in your natal chart the position is good then you will have all the goodness you had expected.
  • Jupiter in 10th house is considered to be a boon if in a natal chart so the babies born in this time with Aquarius ascendant will find Jupiter in the best position. This is going to give you a lot of things like name, fame, popularity, and status.
  • Career wise this will be a great time and you will enjoy a lot, there will be new opportunities and new jobs waiting for you.
  • As far as business is concerned, there also things are going to be very good. You will not have to make any extra efforts to make things happen and you will see that you are performing better than others.
  • You will be chosen over others in your organization for important tasks. Rest assured that if your natal horoscope is supportive, and DBA is positive then you are going to get everything you cherished not only this year but also next year.

In star of Saturn, it is going to give you new deals, jobs, monies, but health problems will be there. You will be getting things without much effort and your friends will be of great help to you. You will not be having major disturbances instead you will be going high this time.

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Jupiter Transit 2018 effect on Aquarius – In Mercury star, love matters will be getting finalized and also your spiritual progress will move ahead. You may get some inheritances and use occult for finishing your purposes with ulterior motives.

How Jupiter Transit 2018 will affect PISCES?

Jupiter will be giving you good career prospects and it will be a very good phase for you. You will be going places, meeting people, and broadening your horizons. You will be blessed with divine grace in this time. You will be doing religious deeds and charities. You will meet sages and gurus and also you may meet a foreigner with whom you may have a love relationship.

2018 Jupiter Transit in Scorpio Effect on Pieces Zodiac

  • In star of Saturn also things are going to be good mostly, but Saturn is also the lord of 12th house.
  • You will be having good and bad things happening simultaneously. You will be making things easy not only for you but for others also.
  • There will be rise in your stature and you will enjoy this time.

All you should remember is that do not cross your limits of any kind whether it is spending or outing with friends etc. Then things will be good for you otherwise you may land in a far off hospital struggling for your life.

In Mercury star, you will be blessed with good married life. You will be having good understanding with your spouse; there will be divine intervention in times of distress in your personal life.  You will have gains from real estate, property disputes if any may come to an end in your life.

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Jupiter Transit 2018 effect on Pieces – An ongoing relation may culminate into marriage in this time. This will be a very good period if you are running the dasha of Jupiter and Jupiter is placed favorably in your horoscope.

Jupiter Transit Report

So, this was all about Jupiter Transit 2018 and how it will affect all Zodiac signs. If you have any questions related to life, career, marriage, or anything, give us a call at 8882540540

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