Capricorn Horoscope/Rashifal 2017

The year will begin with Saturn in Scorpio till 26th January and on 26th it will enter into Sagittarius. It will get retrograde on 6th April and till 25th August it will be so. It will get direct on 25th August. It will enter Scorpio on 21st June and on 26th October it will move back into Sagittarius. Jupiter will be in Virgo till 12th September 2017.

It will get retrograde on 6th February and will become direct on 9th June. Rahu will be transiting Leo till 18th August 2017 and on 18th it will enter Cancer. Ketu will be in Aquarius till 18th August and on 18th it will enter Capricorn.

Venus will enter into Pisces on 27th January and it will remain therefore a long time till 31st may when it goes into Aries. After that it has a smooth motion forward. It will retrograde on 4th March till 15th April and will get combust from 30th April to 13th July. I will be telling you the major things you can expect this year and problems you may face along with the remedies which will make your life easier.

You are reading Capricorn Horoscope/Rashifal 2017 and know how will be your coming year

Kindly note that changes of major planets have deeper effect on native than other planets thus they are considered firstly to judge the impact on your life broadly. For precise study on your natal horoscope please buy our annual horoscope service.

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  • Family life: Lagna lord is transiting in 12th house from its own. Kutumba bhava is afflicted with ketu till 18th Lagna will also receive the malefic aspect of Jupiter till 12th September. So, there will be problems in your day to day life – for some it will be minor ones and for some it will be very critical. You will use foul language, you will not be able to understand the viewpoint of others properly and it will give rise to misunderstandings. Most of the issues will be based on foolish reasons.

Read Capricorn Horoscope 2017 and plan your year accordingly

Health: Health problems will be there in your teeth, face, tongue, scars, cuts and wounds, mental problems like tensions, anxiety, sudden emotional bursts etc will be there this year for you. Those with Rahu, Ketu and Saturn DBA should remain alert and particularly Rahu because its transit in 8th bhava is not at all desirable. You may be afflicted with some lethal infection or disease. Usually all planets behave negatively in this house.

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  • Finance: Ketu`s presence in the dhan bhava is very much suggestive that you will face deceit and cheating this year. So horoscope 2017 suggests that it will be wise not to trust strangers or people who are too sweet towards you. Your belongings are also at risk. This ketu will be aspected by Saturn making things more difficult. Saturn being the lord of 2nd bhava placed in 12th house will be draining your balances for the coming 2 and half year and causing problems off and on.

You are reading Capricorn Rashifal 2017 and know how will be your coming year

  • Career:  Capricorn Horoscope/Rashifal 2017 suggests that those who are going through the main period of Saturn or Ketu will have drawbacks in their field. You will not get good and timely results of your efforts. There will be last minute delays or denials. You may lose your job or you may also be shifted to another location which will be undesirable for you. There are chances of differences with your seniors and fellows at your work place. You may be demoted. There could be defamation caused to you by structured planning against you. So this year better be careful till 18th People with Jupiter DBA will travel a lot and cover places till 12th September. After that there can be change of place or job likely. A foreign placement is also not ruled out and it could prove blessing in disguise.

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  • Business: Business will be dull mostly for people with rahu or Saturn antara, but with ketu things may suddenly turn very good. Horoscope 2017 suggests that natives with Jupiter DBA will develop relations with people at far off places and after 12th September there will betterment in their works. People with Rahu DBA should be very careful in their day to day dealings and major launches because there is very much possibility of hefty losses. Your reputation may be at risk.

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  • Romance: The lord of 5th bhava is Venus; it is going to be in its exalted sign for a long time in 2017. So initial three months are going to be very good and later on also you will be having goodness in your love matters. Do not confuse this love with married life. The 9th aspect of Jupiter will be there but it will be more or less positive only because even though it is a lord of 12th bhaava it also rules 3rd.

Read Capricorn Horoscope 2017 and plan your year accordingly

  • Sex life: Sex life basically means how you will be having your sex acts the year round. Practically speaking, every individual goes through a cool and hot, rough and mild phases in his life due to various uncontrollable factors. All these factors actually depend upon the planetary factors. If you are passing through Saturn, Rahu, ketu DBA and they are more inclined towards 12,8,houses then the chances are very much that you will have sexual exploits with many partners this year and also may suffer from sexual diseases.
  • Days of caution: Keep a track of moon transit and do not do anything important when moon is in your 12th or 8th bhava or second bhava as it will be afflicted and you may make some wrong decisions.

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  • Remedial Measures: It will be good to wear a very fine Opal or Diamond. One can also wear a amethyst bead which will serve as a remedy and a fashion statement also. You should recite Hanuman Chalisa daily twice and visit Lord Hanuman temple Tuesday and Saturdays. You should also recite Shani stotra if passing through shani stotra. Devi kawach and argala stotra are very beneficial after 10:00 PM daily if you are going through DBA of Rahu or Ketu.

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Capricorn Horoscope/Rashifal 2017
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